Quickest UFC Finishes Of All Time

Jorge Masvidal broke the UFC record for the fastest Knockout in UFC history at UFC239 in Las Vegas.

He flattened Ben Askren inside five seconds with a vicious knee that left Askren stiff as a board.

Things could not have gone worse for Askren, who thought it was a great idea for his first move to be a takedown attempt which was met with the full force of Masvidal’s knee.

Possibly the best ad placement of all time took place as well as this vision is replayed over and over and over.

“The fight clock is brought to you by Mode….

There have been plenty of short fights in the UFC over the years and while all of these records are seriously impressive, we think their wives would be less amused if this was how long their round in the bedroom lasted!.

We have outlined some of the records in this list of The Fastest Finishes in UFC History below.


Penn is a stalwart of the UFC and although he’d be lucky to knock the head off a beer these days, he was once as savage as they come. See below for his super quick KO at UFC 34.


It took Englishmen Terry Etim just 17 seconds to submit Edward ‘Too Many Vowels” Faaloloto at UFC 138.

An extremely tight Guillotine choke was all it took and in the blink of an eye, the fight was over.


Jose Aldo was the only UFC undisputed Featherweight Champion heading into his fight against Conor McGregor however it did not go to plan for the Brazilian.

McGregor finished the fight with the first punch he threw and his super stardom was born.


There will never be another Ronda Rousey and she was a pioneer for women in the UFC however it would be remiss if we didn’t challenge the quality of fighters she came up against early in her career.

Her Judo skills were much better than a lot of other women’s MMA skills and she won plenty of fights via her vicious arm bar.

Cat Zingano was one of those victims of Rousey’s favourite submission and she lasted only 14 seconds.


Francis Ngannou should be illegal.

Since making his debut inside the Octagon in December 2015, he has produced some of the most exciting (excluding his borefest with Derrick Lewis) fights in recent times.

His power is such that even if he glances his opponent with one of his uppercuts, he puts them to sleep.

His fight with Cain Velasquez in February this year lasted only 26 seconds.


The first ever UFC Light-Heavyweight belt went to Frank Shamrock after he submitted Kevin Jackson with an armbar in 16 seconds.

He went on to defend his belt four times.


Anthony Johnson is one scary human being.

It took just 13 seconds for Rumble to knock out veteran Glover Teixeira at UFC202 back in 2016.