A surprise Australian contender to host the 2030 Winter games emerged last night with 2002 Salt Lake Games gold medallist Steven Bradbury as the  spokesperson

“Mount Isa is the perfect place to host the Winter Games,” said the Australian sporting icon as the Isa bid flagged their intentions on the eve of the 2022 games getting underway in Beijing.

Aussie Icon Steven Bradbury is pumped for Mount Isa 2030 

“…from the mines to the pub, the shopping centre and the stifling heat, Queensland will become a true hub for both Winter and Summer games.” Bradbury boasted in the Isa bid video.

The Queensland rural city, located over 1800km from 2032 summer games host Brisbane believes it has what it takes to host the winter event, despite the average temperature being around 38 degrees Celsius in February.


Isa 2030  – Brisbane 2032, it just makes sense.

However, even though Isa’s climate may not be appropriate to host the games, Bid chief Dylan Katter told Neds that “…if you say it’s 38 Celsius, that’s hot, however, if we adopt the imperial system, and tell people the temperature is 38 Fahrenheit, athletes will feel right at home.”

For Jack Rafter, Mount Isa’s number 1 winter athlete, the prospect of his hometown hosting the 2030 games is “..a dream come true”

Future Star of Mt Isa 2030, Jack Rafter 

“My third cousin, Pat, dominated in Tennis for years, Summer sports like that were never for me. I’m good at all the winter sports and I’m going to win Gold in 2030.”

The 2030 bid from Mount Isa has left no stone unturned; with venues, facilities, accommodation, games villages, and sponsors all signed up for the Outback Queensland city to host the winter games in 2030.

The bid includes for the Mount Isa Rodeo grounds to become the main stadium for the games – hosting the opening and closing ceremonies, figure skating, and speed skating events.

Bobsled and Luge will be headed underground in the Mount Isa Mines, the Slopestyle and half-pipe will be held at the Mount Isa Skate Park and the Irish Club – the biggest pub in town will be home to the Curling, just to name a few venues already locked in.

Other essential games facilities feature, with the old Blockbuster Video on the main street to be converted into the International Broadcast Centre and athletes will stay at the old underground hospital which will act as the athlete’s village.

The official Mount Isa 2030 logo 

Along with games venues and vital infrastructure being locked in, the Mount Isa 2030 bid has already locked in sponsors with local establishment Grants cakes and pies becoming the official caterers of the games and it’s rumored that sports bookmaker NEDS will also come to the party as a major sponsor.

Mount Isa faces competition from the likes of a triple-city bid from Spain, Andorra, and France, Sapporo in Japan, and 2010 games host Vancouver.

From L-R: The Mt Isa 2030 bid committee of Jack Rafter, Steven Bradbury, and Dylan Katter. 

While the IOC, Australian, and Queensland governments are yet to receive an official submission from the Mount Isa bid committee, it shouldn’t take them too much convincing according to Bradbury.

“Why wait until 2030? Isa is good to go. Right here, right now.”





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