The Greatest Party Animals in Sports

The Greatest Party Animals in Sports

Collingwood midfielder Steele Sidebottom (or should we say, Sideways) finds himself in a spot of bother following a big night out on the Robert Downey Schooners last weekend. 

Sidebottom was found intoxicated and half-naked by police in Williamstown, and will now miss the next four matches for the Pies after breaching the AFL’s COVID-19 policy.

Steele joins a long and very famous list of athletes that don’t mind a froth or two on their days off, which has inspired us to name some of the Greatest Party Animals in Sports in our list below. 

John Daly 

Daly has always been here for a good time, but he’s actually been here for a surprisingly long time when you consider he used to drink a fifth of Jack Daniels every day. 

The two-time major winner always enjoys a dart or six on the links, but his wild antics stretch far beyond the occasional durrie over 18 holes.

Most memorably, there was his arrest for being drunk in a public place after causing a commotion outside Hooters in 2008, while he’s probably the only man in history that can lay claim to teeing off on one of Kid Rock’s beer cans. 

All of that, plus the fact he took a tinkle at Pebble Beach, makes Daly the undisputed king of partying (at least in golf). 

David Boon 

The man, the myth, the legend. 

While he’s never actually confirmed it himself, Boon is said to have drunk 52 tinnies on a flight from Sydney to London in 1989 – breaking a previous record set by Rod Marsh. 

The most impressive part of this story? The fact Boonie managed to kick-on at a XXXX event later that same evening. 

Wade Boggs 

Turns out anything Boony can do, Boggs can do better. 

The legendary Hall of Famer once consumed 107 beers on a cross country flight, a regular occurrence for the all-time Boston Red Sox great. 

Boggs makes Babe Ruth’s partying, and just about anyone else’s for that matter, seem tame by comparison. 

The Undertaker 

After 30+ years of mystery, The Undertaker has finally put his gimmick aside to allow fans some insight into his life.

Hardcore wrestling fans should be familiar with Taker’s wild party stories, but up until recently, they’ve always seemed more fiction than actual fact.

Last week however, Taker finally put the rumours to bed when he joined Pat McAfee to discuss a wild night out with Xpac and Cypress Hill that is well worth the watch.

Tiger Woods 

Turns out Tiger’s cheating scandal back in 2009 was only the tip of the iceberg. 

After appearing so clean cut for a number of years, fans were shocked to learn Woods was actually a regular at the kraps table in Vegas.

All of this was followed by his infamous DUI scandal in 2017 that led to one of sports’ most iconic mugshots. 

Dennis Rodman 

If you watched any of ‘The Last Dance’, you’ll know Rodman has absolutely zero chill.

Aside from hanging with Madonna and Carmen Electra, Rodman unashamedly loves to party. 

He was once granted a mini 48-hour vacation in the middle of the Bulls’ 1997-98 season to let his hair down in Vegas, and even spent time partying with Hulk Hogan and the NWO during his brief stint with WCW. 

The fact Rodman backed all of this up on the court is a true testament to one of the greatest sesh masters that ever lived. 

Rob Gronkowski 

Love him or hate him, the guy throws a mean rager. 

There was the time Gronk celebrated the Patriots’ Super Bowl loss by partying in Vegas, the time he hosted the New Year’s Eve countdown in Times Square, and of course, his annual shindig on the Gronk Party Ship with all his fans. 

Nobody does “good times” better, and if you can afford it, you can probably join him. 

Johnny Manziel

Just about every other name on this list has balanced work and partying beautifully, but Johnny Manziel? Not quite.

A known partier during his days at Texas A&M, the Cleveland Browns chose to roll the dice on Manziel in the 2014 NFL Draft.

From there, things went downhill quickly. 

After showing up to practice with a few drinks under his belt, Manziel was then seen days later in Vegas sporting a blonde wig and a fake mo. 

Escalating even further, Manziel then rented a house in Los Angeles and racked up $20,000 in damages, right before spending three days at Coachella. 

Looking back, it’s not hard to see why the Browns, or the rest of the NFL, wanted no part of him. 

Charles Barkley 

The current generation of NBA fans mightn’t know it, but Chuck likes to get on it, hard. 

He once threw a 20-year-old man through a bar window on the road in Orlando, and was pulled over for speeding back in 2008 on his way to a, uh… let’s just say, booty call. 

Brendan Fevola 

Pressure point, stiffy, Steven Seagal.

Nobody sinks a slab of Crownie’s better than Fev.