A-League Week 13 Preview

Week 13 of the A-League is underway in Melbourne tonight and we are set for a full and exciting round of football …

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A-League Week 12 Preview

The schedule is pretty sporadic owing to Christmas, but we are set for a full compliment of matches in Week 12 of …

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A-League Week 11 Preview

The 2017/18 A-League title already appears to be Sydney FC’s to lose after another glittering display in Week 10 pushed them 5 …

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A-League Week 10 Preview

We are more than a third of the way through the A-League regular season and there is plenty more exciting domestic football …

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Soccer isn’t commonly referred to as The World Game for no reason; it has been played in all corners of the globe for centuries and has rightfully earned its position as the most popular sport in the world.

Nearly every country has a professional soccer league, but the highest quality of competition has generally been drawn towards leagues in Europe and South America. That trend has started to shift since the turn of the century however, as the injection of astronomical budgets into competitions in Asia and North America have led to an influx of the world’s best players.

The Australian sporting audience, rich with high-contact sports, took decades to warm to soccer, but the emergence of the A-League just over a decade ago and arguably the strongest generation of players on an international level has led to the sport growing tenfold.

Soccer betting is extremely popular the world over, while in Australia it is the A-League and English Premier League which attract the most attention and subsequently on the Neds Blog, you will find detailed previews of some of more popular leagues in the Australian landscape, as well as major international games and competitions, including the World Cup.