Saturday, May 28.

Celtics (-8.5) $1.90

The Celtics can book a trip to their first NBA Finals since 2010 with a win at home in Game 6.

The Heat won Game 3 at TD Garden and will hold out hope of repeating that feat to take this series to a Game 7 in Miami.

Though things are looking bleak for Erik Spoelstra’s side, with several key players struggling to get on the floor, fatigue, and injuries playing a critical role in deciding this series.

The Celts seem to have figured out the Heats offense, with Horford and Williams effectively nullifying Bam Adebayo, while Kyle Lowry has been nothing more than a training cone out there.

This series has been plagued by blowouts, so it seems only fitting that it should finish with one, as such I’m backing the Celts to run over this cripple Heat unit, covering the -8.5 handicap with relative ease!