All-Time Forgettable Boxing Bouts

While there’s plenty of interest regarding the Sonny Bill Williams v Barry Hall fight in Sydney tonight, we’re taking time to remember the more forgettable fights the sweet science has produced over the years.

You know the ones that are overhyped, are highly anticipated but when they actually get in the ring they turn out to be absolute duds.

Actually, there’s no shortage of complete flops when it comes down to fights but we’ve decided to go down the YouTube rabbit hole and share some absolute gold* (*gold as in knock-off jewellery you brought on the street back when you could travel to Bali ) of the more forgettable fights.

(Just to be clear, we’re hopeful that Sonny Bill v Barry Hall will not be in this category in the future.)

Gallen v Hall “Code Wars” 

Perhaps Sonny Bill v Bazza is another edition of “Code Wars”, but this is the original.

The highly anticipated “Code Wars” battle between Barry Hall from the AFL and Paul Gallen from the NRL was set to finally settle Australian sport’s most petty discussion – CODE WARS.

These two titans of their respective sports promised blood.

There was even a feeling that whoever lost the fight, their respective code of football would be banished from general society for all eternity.

But it wasn’t to be.

“Code Wars” went the distance, both Hall and Gallen left some big shots, throughout the six – two-minute rounds and resulted in a majority draw and an unsatisfactory taste in every punters mouth.

Horn v Mundine 

It was built up as an epic fight at a packed Suncorp Stadium, the scene of Jeff Horn’s greatest triumph against Manny Pacquiao, but anyone who waited and waited for this bout to commence left bitterly disappointed.

Horn took 96 seconds to finish off “The Man” Anthony Mundine. knocking him out in the first round.

The “River City Rumble” failed to make even a tremble.

Mundine looked sluggish from the beginning with the fight starting an hour later than scheduled.

After the fight, the Man declared his time in the ring was over.

Green v Mundine (In the Jungle) 

Both the 2006 and 2017 editions of the Green v Mundine fights were always memorable, but the geniuses at I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! saw fit to put them both in the jungle and sledge each other for a few days in what seemed to be a never-ending press conference.

It’s just a real shame they didn’t actually go bare-knuckle.

Foxtel v The Blokes Trying To Stream Green-Mundine on Facebook

The Mundine v Green fight 2.0 was mostly remembered for the efforts of Facebook users Darren Sharpe and Brett Heavers opting to live stream the fight on Facebook.

Some fans, who didn’t want to pay the $59.95 pay-per-view for the fight were delighted for the community service and took advantage of the stream, but old mate from Foxtel on the phone wasn’t having a bar of it.

Many suspected that Foxtel would take legal action regarding their illegal streaming, but the two were made to give a grovelling public apology.

We’ll call it a draw.

Quade Cooper vs Jack McInnes

The undercard of Green v Mundine saw former Wallaby Quade Cooper go to town on 22-year-old third-year apprentice plasterer from Hervey Bay, Jack McIness in what many describe as the battle of contradictions.

Danny Green vs Roy Jones Jnr

One round was all that was needed for the Green Machine to have his way with American Roy Jones Jnr in their IBO world cruiserweight title fight.

Green hit Jones with a right hand to the head and after one minute, the English referee stopped the fight.

Wendell Sailor v Warrick Capper

Does anyone remember when Wendell Sailor took on Warrick Capper in a ’bout for charity?

Yeah, neither do we.

John Hopoate vs Frank “The Big Ship” Fassolo

The former Rugby League player made is debut in the ring taking on Frank “The Big Ship” Fassolo as one of the undercards for the original Green v Mundine fight back in 2006.

Hopoate won in 47 seconds and then attempted to challenge Mark Geyer to a fight, which MG declined.

Milo Kerrigan 

We should take some time to pay tribute to an absolute icon of Australian Boxing and sport in general, “The Brownish Bomber” Milo Kerrigan.

With a career consisting of 48 knockouts, including two inflicted on his opponents, Milo introduced a generation of Australians to the sweet science and its fair to say there would be no Jeff Horn if it wasn’t for Milo Kerrigan.

Gary Ablett Snr v Lester Ellis 

This fight was a dud – for Lester Ellis, not Gary Snr.

In what was meant to be a promotional activity for a charitable cause, Ablett was every chance to beat the Aussie boxing icon.

Randy Marsh vs The Bat Dad

As the South Park Little League Baseball team progressed throughout the Summer, Randy Marsh made it his mission to win in the parents fighting in the stands stakes.

Marsh eventually won outright when taking on the self-proclaimed “Bat Dad” from Denver, but was later arrested.

His defence was “Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was America.”


Mark “Jacko” Jackson vs Mal Meninga 

Jacko took on Mel Menigna in a celebrity match back in 2002 which was the original “Code Wars” fight.

Despite some previous good form in the ring post footy, Jacko was comprehensively beaten by the Rugby League Immortal.

Drederick Tatum v Homer Simpson 

After being released from jail, the heavyweight champion Drederick Tatum opted to take on Homer Simpson, who had a streak of winning fights without throwing many punches.

Tatum vowed he’d make orphans of Homer’s children and that his wife, Marge would die of shame.

Simpson struggled in the ring and was carried off by his trainer, Moe Szyslak by fan which stopped the fight, despite promises from the Simpson camp Tatum would get at least three whole rounds.