“We’re right behind you” Mt Isa Mayor Backs Bid


  • Mount Isa Mayor Danielle Slade is “excited” about the town hosting the 2030 games
  • New TV ad campaign launched for 2030 Mount Isa Bid 
  • “Climate Change brings Climate Opportunity” according to Bid Chief 

THE MAYOR of Mount Isa, Danielle Slade has thrown her full support behind the town’s ambitious bid to host the 2030 Winter Games.

Speaking at an information session for locals to get behind the bid at the Mount Isa Irish Club – the Curling venue for 2030, Slade told bid spokesperson and Australian sporting legend Steven Bradbury that “Mount Isa is excited.”

“Look, we’re right behind you Steven” as the town’s Mayor gave the thumbs up for the outback Queensland town to have a crack at winning the bid for 2030.

“Mount Isa’s excited” – Mayor Danielle Slade 

However, while the bid has the endorsement of the Mayor, Bradbury remains realistic about Mount Isa’s chances to host the games.

“For 16 days in 2030 the winter athletes of the world will get together to compete in the games, provided that every other city bidding pulls out, leaving the path clear for Mount Isa to glide over the finish line.”

Games bid chief, Dylan Katter addressed the elephant in the room, the weather at the information night.

“Why Isa? Why should Isa host the Winter Games? Well, with climate change around the corner that means climate opportunity.” Mr Katter said.

He also went on to add “The Winter weather will come here to Isa in eight years’ time.”

“Climate change means climate opportunity” according to Mt Isa 2030 chief Dylan Katter

With Mount Isa’s average temperature around the mid-late 30s in Celsius, Mr. Katter is betting on global cooling to be in play come 2030 or end up in a situation like when Brisbane hosted a Torvill and Dean event in 1984 when the ice wouldn’t set at QEII Stadium.

Attendees at the Mount Isa 2030 information night also met local hero Jack Rafter and were treated to a video of Rafter being trained by Steven Bradbury for the Speedskating event at the Isa Rodeo Grounds.

“I AM THE FUTURE” Jack Rafter trains for the Speedskating for Mount Isa 2030 

They also participated in a game of Curling, which is taking Mount Isa and Australia by storm after the efforts of Australians Gill and Dean Hewitt in Beijing.

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 9.36.57 am.pngSWEEP! SWEEP! Locals get around some Curling at the Mount Isa Irish Club. 

The Mount Isa committee has also launched a television campaign “COLD AS ISA” which is set to air alongside every local TV commercial for outback cattle, roadhouses and Clive Palmer in the area.

Jack Rafter is COLD AS ISA IN 2030 

It was also revealed by Dylan Katter that the Mount Isa bid committee have signed up NEDS a major sponsor for the games.

“We’ve got a sponsor. We’ve got Neds. They are offering $1.01 we are going to host the games, and don’t they know how to back a winner?”








  • This short film is a mockumentary/spoof and is for entertainment purposes only. The underlying story, and characters portrayed in this production are fictitious.
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