UFC Fighters & Their Day Jobs

With no UFC this weekend, we thought it would be best to take a quick look into the lives of the UFC competitors outside of the Octagon.

Many fighters have had secondary careers throughout MMA history – wrestling coaches, gym owners, car salesmen…the times, however, are always changing, and the jobs that fighters use to supplement their careers outside the cage are affected in just the same way.

We wanted to look at some surprising examples of fighters exploring the world outside the chain linked fence and the four-ounce gloves and where fighters find meaning in their day to day lives.

Starting out, we have multiple entries in the exciting world of real estate:

UFC Middleweight title challenger Chael Sonnen, UFC Lightweight title challenger Al Iaquinta, former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm and UFC Bantamweight champ Aljamain Sterling are some of the many current and former UFC fighters who have viewed real estate as a way to make waves outside of the Octagon.


With increased profiles in the cage seemingly linked to increased interest in representation, it’s no surprise so many fighters are looking for the added job security. It seems like real estate is the 2020s version of the pro-fighter turned gym owner.

From something as clean cut and white collar as real estate to the downright bloodsoaked, few men have ever had more reason to be comfortable in the Octagon as former Welterweight competitor Paulo Thiago.

The 13-fight UFC veteran plied his trade with the BOPE, the infamous military police of Brazil.

As someone whose day job is serving high-risk warrants in favelas, taking on drug lords that command an army the size of a small island nation and working in one of the most combative police outfits in the entire world, stepping into a cage against an single, unarmed opponent must have been nearly relaxing.

While his UFC career was somewhat lacking – bar one of the biggest UFC debut upsets of all time when he knocked out Josh Koscheck in 2009 – he still remains one of the baddest men to ever step in the Octagon.

Next we have former UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic, who it is fairly common knowledge is a paramedic and firefighter in his home state of Ohio, but perhaps less known is how dedicated he is to the service and how it helps him mentally deal with the stresses of being one of the best MMA fighters on the planet.

The day after winning his title from Werdum, he was tasked with scrubbing the station’s toilets, a routine devised by the crew to follow after any of his wins to keep himself humble.

Working in emergency response helps keep his mind off fighting, as well as allowing him to give back to the community.

At 39, he’s also looking to secure a plan for his post-fight future, something the fire department could provide.


Longtime listeners of the podcast will know the next one featuring Maurice Greene – the TUF 28 competitor and multiple time competitor inside the Octagon.

Greene’s nickname ‘The Crotchet Boss’ stems from the fact that while some UFC fighters on the list are flipping houses, putting out fires or raiding favelas amidst exploding grenades and bullets, the 6 foot 7 Greene spends his time outside of training crocheting hats, beanies and blankets – and he’s pretty friggin great at it.

Unofficial little plug: TheCrotchetBossShop.com

The giant of a man says the focus it takes not to make minor mistakes and ruin a piece is the perfect blank slate he can use in the quiet times during the build up to a fight. It also got him through the stressful application process for The Ultimate Fighter and allowed him moments away from the drama during the six week filming for the show.

From downright adorable to sin city; among the most notorious nightclub spots in all of Las Vegas, the gentlemans club’ The Spearmint Rhino is located just off the Vegas strip.

For a significant period of time, it was also home to former and future UFC Champion Frank Mir, who worked as a security guard and then as Director of Security during the early half of his UFC run.

It was a position Mir enjoyed and one that paid well as well.

Unfortunately, his UFC career and rising profile after submitting Brock Lesnar prompted a change in employment, as the danger of people targeting Mir to attempt to ‘knock out the dude who beat Lesnar’ became too impossible for drunk tourists to ignore.

Multiple honourable mentions dot the web – from porn security guard (Kimbo Slice) to maths teacher (Rich Franklin) to engineer (Shane Carwin), far and wide do the specialities and the skill sets of the pro fighters under the UFC banner.

Did we miss any? Any strange backgrounds or side careers out there we may have skipped over? Let us know!