Top 10 Controversial Conor McGregor Moments Ranked

It seems only a little time passes before Conor McGregor hits the headlines again and – while on occasion it can be because of his incredible in-ring work – all too often it’s for the wrong reasons.

This week, it happened again, as the whiskey baron and Forbes 2021 Highest Paid Athlete appeared in the news cycle once more with a run-in with Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV VMA’S.

It has been reported that Conor requested a photo with MGK and girlfriend Megan Fox before being denied, causing a brief argument before the Irish superstar threw his drink at Kelly before a throng of security could get between them.

It’s well known that Megan Fox is a long-time fan of Conor’s and has been attending UFC cards and McGregor-led events for many years.

This event got the boys thinking…

What would a Controversial Conor Power Ranking actually look like?

Would the “Diaz Bottle Fight” make it or the “Kiss Them Nazi Feet” quote from 2014 that caused an uproar in Germanyor this writer’s personal favourite: “Fan Phone No More” – this one even attracted a civil suit against Conor!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the Top 10 Controversial Conor McGregor Moments Ranked!

  1. Bellator 187

Marc Goddard wasn’t overly excited to see the Irishman jumping around the cage at Bellator 187 after witnessing his teammate Charlie Ward getting the first-round KO win!

Goddard appeared to shove him slightly and this was enough for Conor to let loose on the official, drawing strong responses from the international MMA media.

  1. Your Wife’s In Me DM’s

As Conor sat against the cage at UFC 264, grievously injured and facing down the barrel of a long and painful recovery, he managed to still fight through the pain to deliver a crystal-clear sound bite to Dustin Poirier and his wife Jolie, who were still standing less than 15ft away.

​​”Your wife is in me DMs, hey baby, hit me back up I’ll chat to you, later on, I’ll be at the after-party; The Wynn nightclub.”


8. Underworld trouble

Upsetting the Irish cartel wouldn’t have been high on Conor’s (or any sane man’s) to-do list in 2017.

There was little information around the threat made against Conor after it was alleged that he punched the son of a member of the Kinahan cartel during an argument in a pub.

Rumours were flying about compensation or even hit being placed on the McGregor name, and the Dublin WhatsApp groups were rife with speculation.

Due to Ireland’s strict privacy laws, the papers could only refer to the allegations by referring to the party involved as ‘the celebrity’, yet Conor seemed to relish in the story and took to his social media with the captions “The Celebrity”.

  1. Thanks For The Cheese

The first of three retirements (…so far) for The Notorious happened in 2016, after he ‘no showed’ for a press conference leading into UFC 200.

Conor & Diaz were scheduled for the event, before the UFC pulled the fight, Conor refused to fly to Vegas and fulfill his media obligations.

  1. That’s My Belt

The confidence was sky high on home soil during the multi-international pre-conference for UFC 189.

Inspired by the boisterous Dublin crowd, Conor snatched Aldo’s Featherweight Championship belt after Aldo tried to claim he was “The King of Dublin,” the crowd erupted and Dana had to hold a furious Aldo back.

  1. Draymond Green Burn

The always witty Conor McGregor was quick to correct the Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green when referring to a jersey he was wearing.

Green, who wore the number 23 on his jersey, took issue with McGregor rocking the numbers in the lead up to the Mayweather fight. It was a case of mistaken identity however, with McGregor’s heavily tongue-in-cheek response clapping back at Green with severity.

  1. A Donation Is Not A Debt

The lead up to McGregor Vs Poirier 2 was a respectful one, at times it even felt like a business transaction between friends more than a competitive brawl.

In the lead up, Good Guy McGregor pledged $500,000 to Poirier’s charity The Good Fight Foundation, an organisation that prides itself on helping the underserved communities in Louisiana find food and access aid.

Unfortunately, once the fight had taken place (and McGregor had been defeated in the first round) the money never arrived to the charity.

When challenged by Poirier, Conor tweeted “A donation, not a debt”

In a good turn of events, the money was eventually donated by McGregor…to another charity within the state of Louisiana.

  1. Punching Above His Age

In 2019, Conor was deep into promoting his Proper 12 whiskey brand and could be frequently found dropping into pubs around Dublin.

Unfortunately, not all the patrons were willing to give the Irishman’s whisky a shake, with this gentleman refusing a glass repeatedly set in front of him.

In an odd turn of events, Connor purchased the infamous pub and then tweeted “Ye and your mans barred,” – one way to get the last laugh.

  1. Covid Good, Father evil

Most of Conor’s poor social media choices are often in the world for a brief window before getting deleted…but this is the internet; once it’s out, it’s out forever!

In the follow up to Conor’s horror injury loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, Khabib Nurmagomedov – Conor’s most heated rival – commented that good always defeated evil.

Conor returned fire with an incredibly poor taste reference to the COVID-related death of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, father of Khabib.

  1. New York

And that brings us to Number 1.

A day after Dana White confirmed Conor would be stripped of his UFC Lightweight title making way for the main event of UFC 223, Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Max Holloway to be promoted to be for the official and not interim championship.

McGregor and 20 of his crew were let into the event by credentialled media members for and stormed a bus transporting multiple UFC fighters from the media event to their hotel.

Believing Khabib was on the bus, Conor threw a dolly into the window of the bus, causing glass to shatter.

Unfortunately, a number of fighters were injured and had to be pulled from the event, while McGregor’s accomplice Artem Lobov was pulled as well due to being a part of the attack.

And there you have it – did we miss any that make your list? What future episodes can we expect from Conor with his recovery on track to see him return to the cage (and the headlines) in the next year?

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