NBA Playoffs Tips, June 18

Under 220 $1.90

Every man, woman and child of Milwaukee would be seeing Kevin Durant’s face in their nightmares, after the small forward singlehandedly swung the series in Brooklyns favour.

KD finished Game 5 with a box score of 49 points, 17 boards and 10 assist, while shooting at a staggering 70% from the field!

With Kyrie out, Harden playing on one leg and up 17 points in Q3, you get a feeling that the Bucks just let the series slip.

The previous two games played in Milwaukee have been extremely low scoring affairs, averaging just 186 points.

Tellingly, only two of the Bucks nine playoffs matches have gone over the total points line, with defence their biggest strength.

Unless Durant does the impossible two games in a row, I can see Game 6 getting anywhere near the 220 total points line on offer.