NBA Play-in Tournament Tips & Preview

Spurs (+4) $1.90

The Grizzlies are looking to take a step closer to their first playoffs appearance since 2017, when they were knocked out in the first round to the Spurs.

Memphis don’t have too many found memories in this spot, meeting the Spurs in the postseason on five occasions, claiming just one series win, while getting swept three times!

The Spurs come into this knockout fixture in woeful form, losing four games on the trot, while not looking close to competitive across the trip.

The one thing on San Antonio’s side is Greg Popovic, the veteran coach has an answer for every question this beautiful game can throw at you.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Spurs are going to come into this game with a well refined plan, with 22 playoff appearances across the last 23 seasons I’m going to back Pop and co to keep this one close.

Lakers (-5) $1.90

Finally, the game which has the basketball world talking!

LeBron vs Curry!

The league favourites vs the league crowd favourites!

At the beginning of the season not a single personal would’ve been able predict that the Lakers would be fighting it out in the Play-in series!

The current champs got their season off to a flier before disaster struck in the for of injuries to their superstar duo LeBron and AD.

Despite the setbacks, LA still managed to finish with a 42-30 record, a record which would’ve landed them in 4th seed in the East!

Alternatively, following Klay Thompson’s preseason Achilles rupture, every man and his dog writing-off the dubs.

Enter Steph Curry, the former MVP has put Golden State on his back and carried them all the way into playoff contention!

The Chef claimed his second scoring title, finishing the season with a 32 point average, while dropping 5.2 threes a game.

As good as Curry has been, the Dubs still can’t hold a candle to the now fit Lakers outfit.

Against the Dubs small ball unit, AD is going to be completely unguardable, add to that LeBron’s passing game and Golden State will be in a world of hurt here.

We all know Curry can flip the switch to video game mode, but he’ll need to use every cheat code in the book to keep this contest competitive.