All-Time Cranky Coaches: NRL Edition

Being a coach of any sporting team is not a job for the faint-hearted, especially in the NRL.

Rugby League coaches are put under the spotlight 24-7 with their every move questioned, scrutinized, and analyzed by anyone and everyone.

Sometimes that pressure can really get to the coach’s box and they all let it out in public.

The Magic Round head-high crackdown resulting in an unbelievable amount of sin-binning/s over the weekend really tested the patience of commentators, fans, players, and especially the coaches.



Coaching is not a job for the faint-hearted and many of them wear their hearts on their sleeve.

It takes a certain personality to coach a Rugby League, let alone any professional sports team.

In fact one coach in his frustration with Rugby League, opted to take it out on another sport, which went down really well.

It was only a few weeks ago that poor old Kevvie gave the Broncos a spray BEFORE the game (they almost won)

And while we could celebrate the genius tactics or inspirational speeches some coaches have given out in the past we know you’re just here to watch clips/view photos of them cracking the shits.

We couldn’t possibly do an article without mentioning Geoff Toovey, otherwise, they’d have to be an investigation into it…

Here are some of the all-time greatest hits of NRL Coaches getting cranky:

Des Hasler 

The gift that keeps on giving.

When he’s not referring to the refs as “Voldermorts”

Or when the blokes in the corporate box are trying to get an insight into how Des operates in the coaches box

Nothing will compare with the time Des broke the door.


Craig Bellamy 


NRL news: What Craig Bellamy's coach box blow-ups reveal about ...


Video: Craig Bellamy blows up during Storm game | Newshub


Craig Bellamy in monumental coach's box blow-up


Storm coach Craigh Bellamy embarrassed by his own coaching box ...

Ricky Stewart 

We could have a blog devoted to Ricky to be honest.

“When you get shit refereeing, sorry, when you get poor refereeing decisions that are just incorrect, purely incorrect, that frustrates you because it’s a tight competition and every game’s a tight game”

That little outburst cost old mate Ricky $10k

Ideally, Ricky should probably get his own dedicated blog to when he gets angry, but this image of him back in his Parramatta days sums it all up.

Ricky Stuart reacts while coaching Parramatta - ABC News ...

Geoff Toovey 

You can forget about any Royal Commission, was there ever an investigation?

Phil Gould 

Gus Gould an angry old bugger?


When I think calm, cool and collected Gus Gould is the very first person that springs to mind.

Bill Harrigan was way out of line when he sent him off back in 1994.

Nathan Brown

For some, “The Slap” is a 2011 Logie Award ABC mini-series based on the novel by Christos Tsiolkas starring the likes of Melissa George (Angel from Home and Away), Jonathan La Paglia and Alex Dimitriades.

In the world of Rugby Leauge, “The Slap” is the time then St.George-Illawarra coach Nathan Brown slapped Trent Barrett at WIN Stadium back in 2003 in full view of the cameras.

No jusitfying infamous Barrett slap: Brown - Nine Wide World of ...

The Dragons lost the game 38-12.

Wayne Bennett 

The GOAT of coaching is also the GOAT of being a grumpy old man.

Nobody does it better.

It’s best summed up in this picture.

Tommy Raudonikis (RIP) 

The great man passed away earlier in the year, but one can only imagine the kind of sprays old Tommy would have given back in his day.

If you took it personally, he’d tell you to HARDEN UP.

Roy Masters 

Post coaching, Roy has made a name for himself being cranky.

This is just some of his finest work back in the day coaching the Fibros.

Mal Meninga

To be fair, Mal’s been relatively calm during his coaching career.

We just wanted an excuse to focus on his attempt to become a politician.