Why You Should Support the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV

 Raymond James Stadium might only be half-full on Monday, but the Red Kingdom will still be in full voice as the Chiefs set their sights on back-to-back Super Bowl rings in Tampa Bay. 

For years the Chiefs have been the laughingstock of the league, only to transform from the loveable losers into a modern day juggernaut led by two of the greatest minds in the game: Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. 

If you’re not on board already, there’s still plenty of time. But just in case you need a reason to paint yourself red, we’ve got 10 of the very best written out for your below!

1. Because Watching Tom Brady Lose is Fantastic 

Right off the bat, if your team didn’t make the Super Bowl this year (and providing you aren’t a Raiders, Broncos or Chargers fan), this is the No. 1 reason why you should be rooting for a Kansas City repeat. 

If you thought Brady winning his seventh ring – or worse, his fifth MVP was enough, wait ‘till you spend the next six months hearing about Brady becoming the first quarterback in NFL history to win a Super Bowl at his home stadium. 

2. Because the Patriots Were the Last Team to Win Back to Back Super Bowl’s

The Patriots were the last team to win back-to-back Super Bowl’s in 2003 and 2004, a record that has stood far too long. 

Parity in sports and a taste of something different each year is great, just not when it involves New England. 

3. Because this Snickers Commercial is Outstanding 

Being a Chiefs fan in the ‘90s was a tough gig, but Snickers chose to see the funny side with this great, googly moogly commercial in 1996 that has stood the test of time. 

4. Because How Could Anyone Not Like Andy Reid?

Guys like Tom Landry, Vince Lombardi and Don Shula are some of the most well-respected names in the history of the NFL, but perhaps nobody is more loved than Chiefs coach Andy Reid. 

Very rarely will a returning player or coach get a standing ovation in his return to Philadelphia, but that’s exactly what unfolded when Reid ventured to the City of Brotherly Love back in 2013 in just his third game as Chiefs coach. 

Largely, Reid’s laid back personality makes him hard to dislike, but really, it’s all about the moustache. 

5. Because Kelce > Gronk

We won’t lie to you, both of these guys are pretty obnoxious, but Kelce is definitely the lesser of two evils when it comes to success. 

Aside from a cringeworthy rendition of ‘Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party’ by the Beastie Boys at last year’s AFC Championship Game, Kelce has remained pretty humble through Kansas City’s recent run. 

Gronk, on the other hand, has been almost impossible to escape over the last decade.

If he isn’t partying on his cruise ship, he’s making appearances on Family Guy, The Masked Singer, hosting WrestleMania, or even having an erotic inspired novel written about him. 

If he does indeed win a fourth ring in his comeback season, throw out your TV and thank us later.

6. Because They Aren’t Hated (Yet)

If you’re a neutral fan, you’re likely in a weird middle ground at the moment with the Chiefs. 

Another win is almost verging on Patriots territory, but when you recall how long Kansas City’s fanbase suffered, it’s not hard to still find a soft spot for what used to be one of the most niche and hipster teams in the league. 

7. Because You Can Stock Up on Gear at Your Local Rebel Sport!

If you’re a diehard NFL fan like myself, you’re probably used to showing up to the pub on Super Bowl day, only to be surrounded by a bunch of dudes in brand spanking new Tom Brady jerseys that they’ve just paid a fortune for at Rebel Sport. 

We’re certain to find a few Patriot klingon’s down at our local again this year, but if you are one of the many bandwagon fans in Australia, don’t sweat, you’ll still be able to slide into a Mahomes jersey without anyone knowing!

8. Because Paul Rudd is a Fan 

That’s right, Brian Fantana is a massive Chiefs fan!

Rudd was actually born in New Jersey, but went on to become an avid Chiefs and Kansas City Royals fan during his college days at the University of Kansas. 

He also narrated the 2007 edition of Hard Knocks. 

9. Because They Have One of the Most Passionate Fan Bases in the NFL 

Several teams in the league claim to have the most loyal fan base in the NFL, but considering the Chiefs have posted the second-highest attendance from the sixth-smallest media market over the last decade-plus, good luck arguing with Chiefs Kingdom. 

10. Because They’ve Been the Best Team All Year 

The Bucs can become the first team since the Packers in 2010 to win the Super Bowl from the Wild Card spot, and while that would be a great story in itself, there’s no more deserving champion than the team that lost only two games all year – the Chiefs!

Patrick Mahomes mightn’t win the MVP this year, but he’s still had a phenomenal season ranking second in the league in passing yards. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce have both enjoyed fine seasons once again through the air, while running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire already looks a star. 

The Chiefs have set the benchmark over the last two seasons and are no doubt worthy of a third Lombardi in the cabinet.