Why You Should Support the Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV

Plenty of casual fans will tune into Super Bowl LV without a team to follow and will spend the four plus hours trying to decide which team to back in.

The good news is both teams wear red so you can play it safe with a generic t-shirt.

If you’re new to this whole Super Bowl thing or a rusted on fan trying to settle on a side of the fence, we’re taking you through both teams and making a case about why you should adopt them for the day.

We’ll start things off with the home team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have taken the long road to Super Bowl LV, winning in Washington, in New Orleans and in Green Bay to earn their first home playoff game since 2007.

Normally the Super Bowl is at a neutral venue however the Buccaneers have become the first team to play for a title in their own stadium.

Here’s our case about why you should don the eyepatch and sword and get behind the Buccaneers.

1 – They Are Underdogs

Aussie’s love a good underdog sporting story, and in our Super Bowl market the Buccaneers are outsiders.

It’s not like they are District 5 Pee Wee Hockey Team taking on the mighty Hawks under the guidance of Gordon Bombay, but they have rallied behind the “nobody believes in us” mantra throughout the postseason.

Saying that was a bit of a stretch when they were 10 point favourites against Washington in the Wild Card Round but they were underdogs for their trips to New Orleans and Green Bay.

So if your mantra is to always back the underdogs, break out the pirate flags.

2 – Bruce Arians

Tampa’s coach Bruce Arians is one of the more engaging personalities in the entire NFL and you have to enjoy watching his “no risk it, no biscuit” philosophy.

He’s honest to a fault and has been one of the good guys in the league for his entire career.

After losing the NFC Championship Game with Arizona in 2015, he is now coaching in his first ever Super Bowl.

It’s pretty clear how much his players love working for him.

3 – Tom Brady

Love him or hate him, Brady is still playing at an elite level at age 43.

After enduring one of the worst seasons of his career in 2019, Brady fled south to the warmer confines of Tampa Bay and has been rewarded with his 10th Super Bowl trip.

The fact he is still doing things like this 21 seasons into his storied career is just insane, and you have to enjoy him while he’s still playing.

4 – It Will Slow Down the Inevitable Hatred of Patrick Mahomes

In the internet era, everyone loves a good success story, until they become too successful.

Patrick Mahomes is flirting dangerously close to that “too successful to be likeable” territory and a second straight Super Bowl win might push him over the edge.

Before he becomes the villain of the NFL, a little bit of adversity might slow down his inevitable ascent to that territory.

5 – They Are Looking to Make Super Bowl History

No team has played a Super Bowl in their own stadium, so Tampa Bay is already making some history, but winning a title in their home ground would take it to another level.

This team has been assembled to have a lot of fun and win a few games while they are at it.

Oh, and make some history as well.

6 – They Are Not the Patriots

Look, for some reason people were getting a bit sick of seeing the one franchise make it to the Super Bowl all the damn time.

Plenty of guys on Tampa Bay are experiencing playoff football for the first time, let alone their first Super Bowl.

It’s nice to have a bit of variety right?

7 – It Will Irritate Bill Belichick

The empty barrel of laughs that is Bill Belichick might be in the middle of the worst month of his career since he was the coach of the Cleveland Browns.

He’s had to watch the quarterback he ran out of New England go on to bigger and better things while he’s plodded through the 2020 season winning just seven games.

If you’ve followed the NFL, you may know that Belichick is a defensive wizard, but his prickly nature does rub people the wrong way.

Just imagine him on his couch on Super Bowl Sunday watching Brady go for ring number seven.