Super Bowl LV Novelty Markets Preview

If you know absolutely nothing about the actual Super Bowl then never fear, the novelty markets are here to give you something to punt on this Monday!

Yes the NFL’s grand finale probably should be all about the action on the field over the 3… maybe 4 hours it will take to be played out but throughout its evolution into the world’s biggest annual sporting event, it has become a showcase of… everything.

Whether it is the six hour pregame show, the big name artist singing the national anthem, the fireworks and Air Force fly over or the massive concert during halftime, there’s a whole lot more to the day than just the game.

Here at Neds we love a good novelty market and we’ve put together some crackers ahead of Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, so check out our tips from everything not to do with the game itself right here!

Length of National Anthem

There are two markets you have to pay very close attention to in the lead up to the game as reports from the pregame run throughs start to leak out and punters get behind what they read on Twitter.

This year the anthem will be performed by Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan which does throw a spanner in the works as generally it’s just a single performer to study.

Last year Demi Lovato opted for brevity clocking 109 seconds and coming in well under her line of 125.

It was the second straight season the anthem had come in at exactly 109, breaking a trend of over two minute performances.

In terms of form, there’s no history of Eric Church performing so it’s a total guess about whether he’ll go for the long, drawn out version, but it seems unlikely given Sullivan’s two have clocked 109 in 2014 and 98 seconds in 2016.

The most recent one could be telling since it was at an NHL Stadium Series game which was outdoors and in all likelihood freezing.

If the forecast rain and thunderstorms hit the Tampa area just before kickoff, we could see a new record pace for the Star Spangled Banner.

By the sounds of things it will be an anthem that is on the faster side so as long as the time stays above 1:55 I’ll back the under.

Under 118.5 Seconds

First Coach Shown During the Anthem

This market is totally at the whim of the director (as is the next one) but it will come down to a 50/50 call between both coaches.

Considering it’s a 50/50 shot, why not back the underdog here?

Bruce Arians @ $1.90

First QB Shown During the Anthem

Another 50/50 shot, why not go for the underdog here?

Patrick Mahomes @ $1.95

This is the second market that is worth keeping an eye on the movement in the 48 hours leading up to the game.

Generally the leaks will come out once the performer goes through their final rehearsal and the money will start to fly in on what was heard during that time.

In this case Starboy appears to be the song getting late support with the price dropping massively from when this market opened earlier in the week.

Blinding Lights was the original favourite but that seems like the sort of song they’ll end the show with among a dazzling fireworks display.

I’ll follow the odds movements here.

Starboy @ $1.36

Halftime Cameos

If there is going to be a cameo during the halftime show, they are certainly doing a good job to keep it under wraps.

Right now our two options are for Ariana Grande and Daft Punk with the diminutive singer seen as a slightly more likely option as it stands.

If you do fancy a flutter in this market then back Grande to make a short appearance.

Ariana Grande Appearance @ $3.25

Will Joe Biden Tweet?

There’s a joke to be made about Biden being a bit old and him needing all six hours of the game to craft a tweet for the winner, but we’ll leave it.

It’s fair to say the new President is far less reliant on social media than the last guy, and we will probably just get a solitary post congratulating the winner.

Although seeing the President reminding Tom Brady his Philadelphia Eagles beat him in the Super Bowl three years ago would be awesome.

No Bet

Will There Be a Pitch Invasion

Just 25000 fans will be in attendance at the Super Bowl, there is no chance one of the fortunate few to get a ticket are going to screw that up by trying to get onto the field.

No Bet

First Gatorade Colour

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that orange Gatorade is the superior flavour to drink and it should not be wasted showering the victorious coach on Monday.

Unfortunately for sports drink connoisseurs, the popularity of orange has extended to the post game dousing with five of the last 11 being that colour.

This is one of those markets I will stubbornly refuse to back the favourite in because it is orange.

With both teams wearing red, I’ll take that as an omen and follow that in on the second line of betting.

Red/Pink @ $3.50