Sneak Peek: Super Bowl LV Commercials

Super Bowl LV is upon us this Monday (AU time) and while the game and the half-time show are the main attractions, for viewers in the States the ads aired during the broadcast is a big deal.

For a 30 second spot during the CBS broadcast of the game will cost you a measly $5.6million USD ($8.2million in Australian Dollars) and the ads are epic and once-off productions.

It’s known that at Super Bowl parties in the US half the crowd is watching the game, the other half is watching the ads.

Meanwhile, viewers watching the Australian broadcast will be subject to the same ads for various ESPN programs, NBA 2K, Subway, Hungry Jacks and Shaver Shop on a continuous loop.

Super Bowl commercials are already leaking ahead of the game and we’ve compiled this list to give you a little sneak-peek as to just what some of our American friends will be seeing on their TV’s during the game.




Wayne and Garth (AKA: Mike Myers and Dana Carvey) are back in this ad for Uber Eats and dance around the fact they can’t say Super Bowl in the 30-second commercial.

This ad has already aired in the states, so one can only assume there is a follow-up on the cards during the game.


Sticking with the theme of stars from the 1990’s, Tide (a laundry detergent brand) has imagined how someone would feel about having a hoodie with Jason Alexander’s face on it.

The moral of the story is, wash your clothes on a regular basis.


A frequent-flyer in the Super Bowl ad space, Bud Light now has a Lemonade Seltzer product and the moral of this commercial, as many of this years line up will remind you is that the year 2020 was an absolute lemon.


The good folk at Cheetos are teasing us for something involving Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Shaggy for something that will surely be memorable.


Notable outs from this year’s Super Bowl commercial line up are the likes of Budweiser, Coca Cola and Pepsi.

However, Pepsi is still kinda involved as the major sponsor of the half-time show which features The Weekend.

It’s rumoured that The Weekend’s half-time setlist is as follows:

Blinding Lights
Blinding Lights
Blinding Lights
Blinding Lights
Blinding Lights


Blinding Lights
Blinding Lights

Michelob ULTRA

The light-beer brand which is owned by the same company as Budweiser has signed up the likes of Serena Williams and Peyton Manning, along with using Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wildside” as the soundtrack.

This ad has more of the happier side of life, be grateful for what you have kind of vibes that is to be expected in the current climate.


Pringles are out to remind people their flavours are so delicious that should you have a job that is a matter of life and death, you will be too focused on just how good Pringles are.

As they say, once you pop you can’t stop.


The chip-wars are on for young and old in the Super Bowl LV commercial stakes with Doritos #FLATMATTHEW campaign starring Jimmy Kimmel, Mindy Kaling and somehow teasing that Matthew McConaughey will be starring.

When it comes to chips, the Cheetos ad shows more promise at this stage.



US Mexican chain Chipotle looks through the eyes of a child and asks the age-old question:

“What if a Burrito can change the world?”

Just eat the Burrito kid.

This kid has nothing on the Old El Paso girl who basically found a solution for World Peace by asking “Why can’t we have both?”


Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Picture this:

Amy Schumer.

Opens her fridge.

It’s full of Mayo.

That’s it. That’s the ad.

Perhaps they’ll add a bit more MAYO to the full version which is set to air during the Super Bowl.


Coors light has produced what is a little short-film that sees if they can make some willing participants dream about their Super Bowl commercial. Literally.

Gives a whole new meaning to beer-goggles.


Had it been a hit in the USA, they totally would have used the Daryl Braithwaite (get well soon mate) song in this commercial.



Mountain Dew is teasing its new flavour in which all will be revealed in time for the Super Bowl.

No one knows exactly what is in Mountain Dew and perhaps Mellon will give it the edge.

Of course, Mellon is a fruit, which is healthy means, therefore, this new flavour of Mountain Dew is also very good for you.

…and these are the Ads You’ll See in Australia

The Super Bowl is being broadcast on Channel 7 and ESPN over here which means you won’t get the US ads and instead get plenty of local commercials.

Given the Super Bowl airs during daytime TV on a Monday if you’re watching it on Channel 7 you’ll probably get ads for Life Insurance, Maccas Summertime, promos for Holey Moley

Over on ESPN, they only seem to have four ads on rotation so you’ll either get very hungry for Subway and a need to purchase shaving products or dread it.

However, you should all know the new Subway / Fresh Prince rap off by heart right now.

Want to Watch the US Broadcast with the ads in Australia?

If you have a mate with an NFL Game Pass, they will be streaming it off the CBS feed on the day you should able to see the game with the US Super Bowl commercials, as has been the case in previous years.

It’s the complete viewing experience and highly recommended.

It goes without saying, all of the Super Bowl ads will be on YouTube before, during and straight after the game.