When Sportspeople Sing 🎵

The Hottest 100 gets underway this Saturday and while the Triple J listeners will have their say as to what was the best song of the year, we couldn’t believe that Steve Smith’s hotel quarantine number wasn’t an option.

With some serious downtime on his hands between games for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL, Steve Smith thought best to get his guitar out and belt out a tune for his millions of followers on Instagram.

Normally, we’d cringe at these sorts of things, however, one can’t blame Smith given the strict bio-security bubble they live in for resorting to getting the guitar out.

Thank goodness he didn’t attempt Wonderwall!

We’ve used this as the perfect opportunity to bring you a hit-parade of people from the world of sport attempting to sing for your reading and listening pleasure.

Earlier in the year 2020 (Which was 20 years again) after winning the WBC heavyweight championship belt, Tyson Fury figured a sing-a-long acapella version of Don McLean’s classic “American Pie” was a fitting way to celebrate.

It’s not quite the easy listening path that Oscar De La Hoya path went down…

We simply couldn’t start this without Stephen Kernahan singing “Stand By Your Man” on Mad Monday after Carlton had won the 1987 VFL Grand Final.

There’s been a massive revival of hits from the 1980’s in recent times, as shown by Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp and “Let’s talk about Six Baby”

Liverpool has a proud music history, such as the Liverpool Rap from 1988.

They say Rap, Australia and Football of any code don’t mix.

This is very much the case regarding the efforts of our old mate Beau Ryan.

And the VFL Players “Footy Rap” from 1988

When it comes to hip-hop and footballers (and boxers) there’s only one standout – the collaboration of Anthony Mundine with Joel Turner and Modern Day Poets – KNOCK U OUT.

Carl Lewis is a legend of the Olympic Games and World Sport and his 1987 hit “Break it Up” has been forgotten for a reason.

Tommy Raudonikis is a legend of Rugby League and represents everything we’re all about in his hit – HARDEN UP.

Can you do the Super Bowl Shuffle with the 1985 Chicago Bears?

Or can you RAM IT like the 1980 LA Rams?

The LA Lakers of 1987 has only one message for you all – JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS.

It seems every sports team has flirted with Rap at one stage, much like the Perth Wildcats did in 1989.

Of course, Shaquille O’Neal released a rap single!

When it comes to rap, then England and Liverpool footballer John Barnes busting out some rhymes in New Order’s hit “World In Motion” prior to the 1990 World Cup is all-time.

While many have attempted to Rap, Brett Lee figured he’d have a crack at Bollywood.

However, we all know that Binga’s best work was in Cricket Super Group “Six and Out” featuring Brett/Shane Lee, Richard Chee Quee, Gavin Robertson and Brad McNamara

It’s a frustrating time to be a Melbourne Demons fan, perhaps a remake of C’MON DEMONS is what is needed to get the Dees out of their rut?

The Dees have had players who can actually sing on their list before, such as Russell Robinson who won the reality show “It Takes Two” back in 2008.

Back in 1985, Channel 7 Melbourne thought it’d be a great idea to get all the VFL players at the time to sing the station jingle.

The Port Adelaide Football Club actually reached the Australian Top 40 charts in 1988 (Number 17) with their hit “The Magpies (SANFL) Expect to Win”

Reg Reagan sung for a worthy cause – BRING BACK THE BIFF.

Mark “Jacko” Jackson wasn’t known for being a team player. He was an individual.

Warrick Capper only ever took what was his.

Collingwood legend Peter McKenna was a trendsetter when it came to footy players releasing a single. In 1972 he released “Smile All the While.”

Back in 1981, the VFL released an album called “Footy Favourites” that featured the stars of the league singing the hits of the day.

A personal favourite of ours is Hawthorn’s Micheal Moncrieff’s rendition of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police.

And while 98% of sportspeople attempting to sing ain’t great, let’s finish on something actually good.

The Fijian Rugby League team singing the hymn “Noqu Masu” (English for “My Prayer”) during the 2017 Rugby League World Cup is something to behold.