Have You Got The Bulls Finale Form Guide

From the fever pitch of Caxton Street on Origin night, to Townsville and Sydney’s Manly Wharf, we’ve been on a journey to find Australia’s biggest bulls.

We’ve had Channel 9 Sport/Triple M’s Ben Dobbin and the one and only NRL legend Beau Ryan on the ground as regular punters took it to the Neds level.

They tasted delicious bush oysters.

Took on the core-ball.

And rode the mechanical bull.

All for the chance to take out the title of Australia’s biggest Bulls and a juicy $10K in cold, hard, cash.

There has been hundreds of entries both on site and online but this Saturday a select handful of aspiring Bull riders will battle it out at the home of Australian Bull-Riding – the Great Western Hotel in Rockhampton for a final set of challenges that will decide once and for all just who has the biggest Bulls.

We study the form of the contestants that have been lucky to make it to Saturday’s grand finale. 


The 26 year old from Cairns was one of our very first participants at the “Have You Got The Bulls” in Brisbane’s Caxton Street before State of Origin.

Dean was grateful for the free feed that was on offer with the bush oysters and is grateful for the fact that that free feed has turned into a free trip to Rocky with a chance to win $10k.

His take it as it comes attitude should put him in good stead. 


The first of our internationals in this field, 25 year old Marina has the hopes and dreams of her home nation Germany is on the line this weekend in Rockhampton.

When coming across the “Have You Got The Bulls” challenge in Townsville, she didn’t see what all the fuss was about and took to bush oyster eating, core ball and mechanical bull like riding a bike.

Marina taking out the “Have You Got The Bulls” final and taking the $10k would be the biggest sporting moment for Deutschland since the 2014 World Cup. 


“I will get a Neds tattoo if I win the $10k” proclaimed 29 year old Keesie at the Have You Got The Bulls site in Townsville. 

Now, that is taking it to the Neds level.

The judges regarded his performance on the core ball as a real stand out and his proclamation to get inked means he’ll do whatever it takes to take out the big one in Rocky. 


With youth on his side, 19 year old Townsville local Jordan did all three challenges with ease.

Being a young buck means Jordan will have no fear in Rockhampton this weekend and taking it to the Neds level will be a breeze. 

Becoming the winner of Have You Got The Bulls could be the greatest achievement by anyone with the name Jordan in recent years.

Expect him to go deep into the contest.


The 25 year old from Townsville’s quick and no-nonsense approach which saw him able to combine the eating with the core ball and mechanical bull at the same time will give Giulian plenty of confidence in the final.

If he can combine his multi-tasking abilities with the new challenges that will come into play, he can very much consider himself in the mix to come out $10k richer by the end of the day.


Another from our foregin legion of contenders this weekend in Rockhampton, 26 year old Sheldon all the way from Arizona USA is one to look out for.

Sheldon had ridden an actual bull before back home in the states, so riding the mechanical bull at Manly Wharf last Friday was a breeze. 

He had not one but two cracks at taking it to the Neds level and with that strut and confidence our American friends are known for very much puts him in the mix to take out the $10K prize (about $7371.50 US in case you’re wondering) 


The third of our overseas contingent, 26 year old Pedro from Uruguay has the fire and desire in his eyes when it comes to taking it to the Neds level which was on display last Friday at Sydney’s Manly Wharf.

The judges regarded Pedro’s efforts on the mechanical bull “like nothing they hadn’t seen before” 

Currently stuck in Australia due to COVID, taking out the $10K would be one of the great stories to come out of “have you got the Bulls” and he can get some revenge for his home nation after that night at Stadium Australia in 2005.


Another Melburnian who got to Sydney as quick as he could, 30 year old Ricki was one of the standouts in Manly last Friday.

When it came to the Core Ball challenge, Ricki looked at ease but had a rockstar attitude.

Ricki’s physicality and mental toughness could give him the edge to take out the $10k in Rocky this weekend. 


The fitness model took the Bull like a duck to water when she came across the Have You Got The Bulls site in Manly.

Showing no fear and zero hesitation for any of the challenges, Cassia is set to take Rockhampton by Storm (which is also her surname) and to the Neds level in the finale.