The Top Super Bowl Halftime Show Contenders

When it comes to the crossroads between sport and entertainment, nothing sums it up better than the Super Bowl.

The championship game of the NFL with a 12-minute concert spectacular in the middle of it.

After the NFL announced that Canadian performer The Weeknd will headline the Super Bowl LV showcase in Tampa this coming February, it sparked a debate in the Neds office about who else should get the chance.

There was no shortage of suggestions and these are just some of the ones that came out of the discussion.


The performers for one of, if not the best Super Bowl halftime shows ever back in February 2002 have to come back for repeat effort.

They might not quite be as popular as they once were but you can’t beat their hits.


Never known as one to hold back when it comes to theatrics in her live shows, Pink would be well suited to the bright lights of LA when SoFi Stadium hosts the Super Bowl next season.

Fitting an entire show into 12 minutes might be a tough ask but I have no doubt she would knock it out on the park.

Pink has form doing the national anthem at Super Bowl LII in Minnesota and nailing it despite an illness.

The Killers

We’ve seen them crush the AFL Grand Final, let’s see what they can do on the biggest stage in sport.


Jay-Z was a part of this CBS introduction for Super Bowl XLIV just over 10 years ago and would no doubt knock it out of the park.

Kanye West

If your bid for President failed, why not come back to the arena that made you famous by performing at the Super Bowl?

Kendrick Lamar

He’s won a ton of Grammy Awards and can put on a spectacular live show, where could this go wrong?

Robbie Williams

This one is a massive long shot considering the US is the one place Robbie Williams never really took off, but anyone who has seen him in concert can attest, the man knows how to put on a show.

It would probably push the broadcast’s 30 second delay with Williams’ penchant for profanity but how could you pass up a chance for this live show?

Plus it would be about $1.02 for some sort of Take That reunion.

Queen & Adam Lambert

Nobody will ever replace Freddie Mercury but Adam Lambert is doing a damn good job fronting Queen.

There’s no shortage of hits and if it the game was an early blowout, there’d be a great reason to stick around.

Not to mention We Will Rock You was part of a phenomenal Super Bowl introduction for CBS in February 2014.


With all due respect to the aging wonders in AC/DC, if they are to do a Super Bowl halftime, they probably should get on with it sooner rather than later.

We may never get it with the likes of Brian Johnson not advised to tour anymore but for one last show on the Super Bowl stage…

Bon Jovi

The NFL has never been shy about getting an aging rocker (or 4) in for the halftime show and Bon Jovi fits the bill perfectly.

While the hits in the past decade have been few and far between, there’s nothing wrong with sending them out there telling them to “just play what we all know and love”.

This would also get the stamp of approval from Bill Belichick… we just hope he wouldn’t insist on a cameo.

Taylor Swift

Love or hate her music, you have to admit Taylor Swift has the wide-ranging appeal to justify taking to the stage.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Who didn’t love their performance last year?

I’d happily watch it again.

We were big fans of it in the office as well