Apparently if you insist on something strongly enough, it will happen.

US President Donald Trump is insisting that the counting of votes be stopped while he still has a chance of winning.

If only some sports teams could have just decided the game was over when they felt like it…

Socceroos v Iran 1997 World Cup Qualifier

We’ll get the most painful one out of the way first, Australia was 15 minutes away from its first FIFA World Cup since 1974 at the MCG.

Peter Hore stormed the pitch, pulled down the netting on one goal post and that really should have been full time then and there… no way the match could have been safely resumed.

2005 Champions League Final

If you go 3-0 up in a football match, you should just be declared the winner automatically right?

Especially with goals like this…

2011 A-League Grand Final

The Mariners were on the verge of upsetting the then unstoppable Brisbane Roar, they lead 2-0 in extra time and the stands at Suncorp were quickly emptying.

For some that was all they saw of that match.

2013-2014 Premier League

Apparently Steven Gerrard meant his “We don’t let this slip from here” message to his team as a declaration rather than a prediction.

Turns out 2020 was not Liverpool’s first title in 30 years, they declared the race over in 2014 with matches to spare.

This DEFINITELY did not happen.

2017 Champions League Round of 16

PSG won the first leg of this tie 4-0, no need to play the second leg, there’s no chance Barcelona will do anything back at the Nou Camp…

2003 Rugby World Cup Final

Wallabies take an early lead over England in the World Cup Final that year, that’s all I needed to see.

No chance England gets anything done in Australia with Jonny Wilkinson at the helm.

None whatsoever…

2017 State of Origin Game 2

The Blues had just crushed Queensland in Game 1 of the series and had a comfortable 16-6 lead at halftime of Game 2.

Series over, the shield is headed south of the border…

2018 AFL Grand Final

Collingwood would never blow a 30-1 lead in the biggest game of the season would they?

2010 AFL Grand Final

St Kilda took the lead for the first time late on in the fourth quarter against Collingwood, that’s good enough for me.

No draw, no replay, the Saints won it with time to spare.

2019 Ashes Test

England had been skittled for just 67 in its first innings and faced a record fourth innings target of 359.

The victory was never on when England were stuck at 2/15, the match was done with and the players should have just gone out for lunch.

Sorry Ben Stokes.

Super Bowl LI

Atlanta was up 28-3, nobody had ever come from more than 10 points down in a Super Bowl before.

Super Bowl XLII

It turns out the Patriots actually went unbeaten in the 2007 season, a late touchdown from Tom Brady to Randy Moss gave the Patriots the lead with just over 2 minutes remaining.

Considering it was Eli Manning on the other side, the referees just called the game then and there.

1992 AFC Wild Card Game

The Bills were down 35-3, game over, don’t bother finishing it.

1986 World Series

Boston had a 3-2 lead in the eighth inning of Game 6 of the World Series, the Red Sox were close enough that we can just say they broke the Curse of the Bambino there.

Nothing could possibly go wrong from there.

2004 ALCS

The Yankees are up 3-0 against the cursed Red Sox… no need to play out the rest of the series, just give it to the Yankees.

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Bruins were up 3 games to 0 over the Philadelphia Flyers in this Eastern Conference Semi Final series, sure the rules say they need to win 4 games, but they were ahead by a lot already.

If that wasn’t enough, they lead 3-0 early in Game 7 as well, should have called it off then and there.

2016 NBA Finals

Golden State was up 3-1 over the Cleveland LeBrons, good enough for a title…

1996 Masters Tournament

President Trump’s close personal friend Greg Norman would love to be able to just declare victory when he felt like it.

Remember the most famous collapse in golfing history?