REVEALED: New Big Bash Rules

The Big Bash is set to be even more EXCITING and IN YOUR FACE like NEVER BEFORE with these NEW RULES implemented for this summer’s edition that is sure to BLOW YOU AWAY!

This is T20 Cricket with ATTITUDE.

It’s edgy.

It’s in your face.

You’ve heard the expression “let’s get busy?” well, this is a domestic T20 tournament that gets BIZ-ZAY.

Only fools have thought that the Big Bash Cricket is a bit tired, overdone and the season goes for way too long.

However, once you see the new rules that have been implemented by Cricket Australia, you’ll be on the edge of your seat 24-7 with a serious case of HYPER CRICKET excitement.

Along with the new rules announced today, we can EXCLUSIVELY reveal some of the extra new features that will be part of BBL10 this summer.

Power Surge

Chatswood blackout: Sydney's northern suburbs affected by power outages

Viewers of the Big Bash will be encouraged to crank the air conditioning in their respective homes at full blast adding a surge of power to fuel the Cricket action.

The rule also states:

“…a two-over period during which the fielding team is allowed only two players outside the inner fielding circle. The batting side can call for this at any point from the 11th over of their innings. The fielding restrictions replicate those of the usual Powerplay at the beginning of an innings, which has been shortened to four overs.”

X-Factor Player

Reece Mastin - X Factor Australia 2011 Live Show 2 (FULL) - YouTube

Big Bash teams will be allowed to recruit the likes of Dami Im, Samantha Jade or Reece Mastin to have a hit along with belting a few tunes along the way.

Dami Im wins The X Factor 2013 | TV Tonight

The rule also states:

“An X-Factor player is named as either the 12th or 13th player on the team sheet, can come into the game beyond the 10th over of the first innings and replace any player who is yet to bat, or has bowled no more than one over.”

Bash Boost

Boost Juice owner turns to SAP Concur to get clarity of its costs - Finance  - Cloud - iTnews

For any punter, a “Bash Boost” sounds more like one of our promos, and at this stage is not the official juice of the BBL tournament.

The rule also states:

“The Bash Boost will be a bonus point awarded halfway through the second innings. The team chasing will receive the bonus point if they’re above the equivalent 10-over score of their opposition, while if they’re trailing, the fielding side will receive the point. Teams will also now be awarded three points for winning the match, as opposed to the traditional two.”

Those were the rules that were annouced today.

More will be announced in the coming days, but we’ve had them leaked to us and can reveal them exclusively…

Team Captains to line everyone up on the wall and choose teams schoolyard style.

Forget the selectors, teams will be selected just like a game at lunch time when you were at school.

One hand. One bounce.

Goes without saying.

Tippity Run.

You’ll never see a dot ball ever again.

Auto Wicky

Much like a cruise ship travel agent or Video Ezy franchisee, the role of wicket keeper is dead.

Automatic wicketkeeper is the answer to all of our fielding solutions.

WB013 - Wall Board - Cricket Stumps - ESP Play

Five Batsmen at Once.

They don’t even need to be at the crease or facing the stumps.

Just batsmen everywhere, ready to hit the ball in an insane multi ball type of play.

Four Bowlers at the Same Time.

Five batsmen, four bowlers.

This is IN YOUR FACE Cricket. You won’t know what hit you.

A Free Zinger Box for every time a player gets a six.

This promo by the major sponsor of the Big Bash is sure to be a hit.

For every six hit in the Big bash, you’ll get a free Zinger Box.

The combination of a Zinger Burger, x3 wicked wings, chips, potato and gravy and a Pepsi Max is a winner.

This won’t send Colonel Sanders broke.

Zinger Burger Box | BOXED MEALS | KFC Australia

Hit The Sign.

The only promotional sponsor tie-in that has stood the test of time:

Hitting the sign at the Mercantile Mutual Cup.

This rule change is A MUST.

Also, the crowd catch.

Make domestic one-day Cricket great again.

Last Man’s Tucker.

One of the great rules of Backyard Cricket.

The last batsman left to fight it out with no partner.

Miracales can and will happen.

Bringing Back The Biff.

Putting the BASH into Big Bash.

Who wouldn’t love a good old fashioned brew ha-ha-ha during a Big Bash game?

Fun for all the family!

Cricketers face 'red and yellow card' discipline crackdown

Six and Out

Not the actual rule from backyard Cricket, just a way to ensure the inconic Cricket supergroup is incorporated into every single Big Bash match and television broadcast.

Last weekend marked the 20 year anniversary of their debut album.

Swing King Over

The regular cricket ball is ditched and the GOAT of balls – The Swing King is implemented for one over.

Half tennis ball-half rubber Cricket ball – this will really spice things up for BBL10.

Time for a change ? Swing King Tennis... - Adelaide Tennis Ball Cricket  Champions | Facebook

Ball Tampering Over

Sandpaper, razor blades, Mentos – teams can go for broke and do whatever they want to get an advantage.

This will see more innovation and add more sensation to the BBL season.

Steve Smith under fire: Here's how the ball-tampering scandal unfolded -  ABC News

Mankad Madness

All sentiment of Cricket being a sportsmen’s like contest is thrown out.

Bowlers will be encouraged to do the most dog act on the Cricket pitch and run out the non striking batter with no warnings.

It’s perfectly legal.

Former Prime Ministers to Bowl the First Ball

It’s a tradition in Baseball for a President or prominent American identity to throw the first ball on Opening Day, and the Big Bash will follow suit by offering a former Australian Prime Minister to bowl the first ball.

Self-confessed Cricket tragic John Howard has volunteered to participate at the opening game of BBL10

365 Day Tournament.

Cricket Australia hears you loud and clear.

By saying “The Big Bash goes for too long and should be a summer school holidays thing only”

You mean “It should be every single day and non-stop.”
365 days of non-stop BIG BASH. IT NEVER ENDS!


Teams will get a bonus four runs if they whack a streaker with their bat Andrew Symonds style.

Pikey in the last.

Daniel O'Sullivan on Twitter: ""Pikey in the last" is much more a punting  myth than fact. 🏇W Pike in 2019/2020 season: 😀All Rides: 233 / 828 &  -4.8% POT 😩Last race of

By popular demand, West Australian jockey William Pike will bat in the last over of every Big Bash game because you can’t go wrong with Pikey in the last.

Viewers can vote players off via SMS during the match.

Akin to all of the great reality TV shows viewers will have the chance to vote a player they don’t like off the Big Bash game.

Big Brother Australia 2004 - Day 15 - Live Eviction #1 - YouTube

Despite retiring, many expect Shane Watson to be voted off every single game.

Big Bash League 2018: Sydney Thunder's Shane Watson slams the slow over  rates rule | Daily Telegraph

If you find a better run chase elsewhere, we’ll beat it by 10 per cent.

This will add some real (Bunnings sausage) sizzle to the Big Bash!

Bunnings boss slams suggestions tech could kill lowest price guarantee -  Finance - Hardware - iTnews