Greg Norman’s🦈 Greatest Pics 📷

At first glance, it looked like just snap of Greg Norman walking his dog along the beach in Florida.

The caption read “A man and his dog on a Sunday” but it turns out it was a man, his dog and his package for all of Instagram to see as comments such as:

“Ummm I cannot focus on the dog, my eyes were somewhere else,”

“Doesn’t leave much to the imagination!”

“Damn Greg save it for the OnlyFans. Absolute unit!”

There’s no doubting that our homegrown Aussie icon is quite the unit and isn’t affraid to show off his rig and quite frankly, who would blame him?

The former World no.1, two-time Open Championship winner and notrious runner-up at three majors has taken to social media like a shark (all puns intended) to water and we’ve taken a deep dive into Greg Norman’s instagram to bring you his greatest pics…

Don’t worry, this was not taken after the Sharks walk down the beach.

Turns out the Shark loves showing off his pistol, as displayed here back in 2014.

Shark enjoys breaking down cultural barriers.

Lock up your daughters! President Clinton and Greg Norman are on the course.

Turns out Norman has a thing for feet…

I’ve come to clean the pool…

Behind the scenes at The Gun Show…

Triming those hedges…

Just imagine this unit knocking on your door for a Trick or Treat…

No Shirt. No Worries.

However many push-ups you can do, the Shark can triple it.

Flake meets Pork.

The Shark should enter our Have you Got The Bulls competition…

No filter.


Hey Siri, show me Australia.

You can leave your hat on.

Can’t believe he got to meet Dale “The Flea” Weightman.

He’s always preferred Bush.

Have you seen the most recent series of The Gun Show?

The Shark with a beard ✅


Sing us a song you’re the piano man…

The time Shark was in a bikie gang.