Bring Back the Biff: The World Reacts

The Biff.

You love to see it.

Fans, commentators, punters and even world leaders have taken to social media delighting in the fact that – the biff – albeit a watered-down version was back during last night’s State of Origin game II at ANZ Stadium.

Even just the sight of Payne Haas having his jersey ripped off and being sin-binned after a mild brew-haha with Queensland’s Tino Fa’asuamaleau was enough to put a smile on peoples faces after what has been a rough year for the world.

The match review comittee has charged the pair, but they’ve both won our hearts for the brining back of biff.

“Gentlemen, this is Rugbah-Leeg manifest”

“What is the charge? Bringing back biff? A succulent State of Origin biff?”

Payne Hass got a standing ovation in the crowd for bringing even just a little bit of the biff back.

Bring back biff in Origin? Get a happy meal. Parenting 101.

Seriously though, Payne Hass really hopes his Mum was watching something else last night.


Before the game people just wanted it.
C’mon man, just a little bit of biff…

YES! BIFF! Glorious biff!

Just some biff. Any kind of biff.

Your biff has arrived.

🙄…someone just had to be that person.

Can I see it?

Should we keep the biff?

Was that biff as good for you as it was good for me?

We’ve seen better biff, but any biff is better than no biff.

Miss a game in the name of biff? More like give them a prize!

The message is getting louder and louder. Bring back the Biff.

Despite it not being the full-on classic State of Origin biffo we know and love, US President-elect Joe Biden called for Origin fans to not give up.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump believes the incident was the defining moment of the series for New South Wales.