A List of Somewhat Famous People Who Happen To Own Sports Teams

Hollywood meets fifth division English Football as Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool fame and Rob McElhenney AKA – Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have become the new owners of Welsh club Wrexham.

It’s been reported that the pair have purchased the 156-year-old club – one of the oldest in English football for $2.5 million US.

Wrexham is currently sitting in 14th place in the National League and has been outside the top ranks of English Football since 2008 but the Hollywood pair is sure to give the club the real shot in the arm it needs to become one of the big boys.

The new owners also have plans to do some sort of behind the scenes documentary – something along the lines of Sunderland ‘Till I Die about the club for Amazon Prime.

However, Wrexham fans would hope that it doesn’t see them get relegated in the first series – like what we saw with Sunderland ‘Till I Die.

Reynolds and McElleny now join a who’s who of somewhat famous people owning sporting teams…

Such as our own Russell Crowe and his beloved Souths…

And in something truly out of character, Russ managed to link Renyolds and McElleny’s purchase of Wrexham to himself…

Of course, Elton John did own Watford

Elton John and Watford FC: The popstar's love and history of the football  club explained - Smooth

The likes of Gloria Estefan, J-Lo, Fergie, Venus & Serena Williams & Jimmy Buffett (Who actually supports the New Orleans Saints) have a stake in the Miami Dolphins

Fergie slips into a Miami Dolphins shirt to join J-Lo in sexy crowd line-up  at American Football match | Daily Mail Online
Miami Dolphins' Superstars – Steven Ross, J Lo, Gloria Estefan, Venus and  Serena, Fergie…and Ricky Ross | Sports Toast

This chart reveals the ownership chain of the Dolphins…

Take Me Out To The Brand Game: Celebrity Sports Investors

Justin Timberlake has a minority stake in the Memphis Grizzlies

Usher got in on the Cleveland Cavaliers with a small stake purchase back in 2005.

When the Cavs won the NBA Championship in 2016, some were confused as to why he was in amongst the celebrations, but he had every right to get amongst it!

Jay Z has got 99 problems but his ownership of the Brooklyn Nets ain’t one.

In what seems to be a trend of having R’N’B hits in the early-mid 2000’s and having stakes in NBA teams, Nelly got in on the action with the Charlotte Bobcats.

That’s right, Nelly does own a stake in the Bobcats.

Some bloke called Michael Jordan – who did not have an R’N’B smash-hit in the mid-2000s ended up becoming the part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats – now the Hornets.

Will Smith also has a minority stake in the Philadelphia 76ers.

Jon Bon Jovi started his own AFL team…

Arena Football League (AFL) that is.

The Philadelphia Soul

The World Game has plenty of celebs getting in on the club ownership action.

Especially in America.

Drew Carey owns the Seattle Sounders.

Will Ferrell is one of the owners of LA FC

And who can forget David Beckham’s Inter Miami FC…

The best we can do in Australia is Anthony LaPaglia getting a piece of Sydney FC, including the time he was used as a goalkeeper at training.

But when it comes to sports team ownership in Australia, there’s only one man that springs to mind.

Geoffrey Edelsten, Sydney Swans: The day doctor bought VFL team | Herald Sun

Think 80s

Geoffrey Edelsten, Sydney Swans: The day doctor bought VFL team | Herald Sun

Think Pink Hellicopters.

16 Photos Which Prove Geoffrey Edelsten Is Australia's Answer To Liberace

Think bizarre high-profile wedding on average every 4.5 years.

Weddings – Scott Barbour Photography
Gabi Grecko, Geoffrey Edelsten confuse Instagram with alleged marriage  split | Daily Telegraph


After the Edelstein experiment, iconic Australian journalist Mike Willesee became a part-owner of the Sydney Swans for a number of years before the club returned to being owned by their members.

When the Brisbane Bears joined the VFL in 1987 it was a celebrity power team running the club.

The chairman was Paul Cronin – star of the hit show “The Sullivans” as Dave Sullivan

The owner – “high flying” 1980s businessman Christopher Skase.

But the peak of “famous” sports team ownership in Australia if not the world would have to go to Clive Palmer and his Gold Coast United days

The fans loved him.

And he attracted some serious major sponsors to the club.

If anything, Clive Palmer’s Gold Coast United was too good for the A-League

Clive even had hoped to start his own Football League with the motto “WE KICK HARDER”.

Clive Palmer won't be missed in | Daily Telegraph

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