NLCS – Game 7

LA Dodgers vs Atlanta Braves, 11:15 am

While no consensus line is out for this one, early indications are that the Dodgers will be ~ $1.70 favourites.

I plan to back the Dodgers to win here and finally grab that elusive world series with this group.

All the momentum is in their favour, having convincingly won 3 of the last 4 games.

I love this matchup for their bats, going up against inexperienced pitcher Ian Anderson.

This game will be an absolute pressure cooker and I can see Anderson faltering early against a star-studded lineup.

The flipside is that we’re not quite sure who the Dodgers starter will be yet, which is why the line hasn’t been released.

From where I stand, they’ve got a handful of solid veteran pitchers and a capable bullpen that can step in if things go awry.

I think that will be enough to contain an Atlanta lineup that is decent, but isn’t quite star-studded.

This team has a ton of pressure on them and I expect them to deliver here in a clutch spot.