2020 US Election Tips & Preview

In normal times, the punter’s attention on the first Tuesday in November would be entirely focused on the Melbourne Cup.

However, these are not normal times.

Interest from punters ahead of the 2020 US Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has never been higher.

There’s plenty who want to play the Trump Card and despite the polls and markets, very few are Ridin’ for Biden.

We’ve come up with our best bests ahead of the election and as is the trend with anything to do with predicting democratic outcomes, this could be bang on or spectacularly backfire.


2020 Election Winner – Joe Biden @ $1.52

At time of publish, over 85% of our betting hold for the 2020 Presidential election is on Donald Trump.

There’s no shortage of punters hopping on the Trump train and hoping for a post-Melbourne Cup fill-up, taking him at the $2.65 odds on offer.

I’m here to give you the tip that the majority of punters don’t want to read:

Joe Biden and the Democrats will win the US Presidential election.

This is not 2016.

Biden is further ahead in the overwhelming majority of polls than Hillary Clinton ever was.

Early voting is at record highs which is normally a horrible sign for incumbents and the fact that Biden is campaigning in places that rarely go Democrat means the blue wave could be on.

While no one should ever rely on polling figures ever again, the number of undecided voters is very low compared to last time.

Our American friends may be very divided, but they’ve made their minds up.

Many are betting on a repeat of 2016, but this will be a very new episode of democracy come Wednesday (AU time)

best bet
I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa
Democrats to win over 30 states @ $3.25

If we’re backing Biden, we’re backing the blue wave.

Trump winning another four years in the Oval Office would make for a bad day for our bookies, but not so much for punters if I’m completely off in this preview.

Should Joe Biden and the Democrats regain some traditionally blue states lost in 2016 along with gaining the likes of Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio and even Georgia or Texas, this campaign should easily win 30+ states and is one of our best value bets ahead of the US election.

Schooled in the Electoral College
Electoral College – Biden wins 300 – 349 @ $4.25

If Biden wins over 30 states, he’ll get around the 300-349 electoral college votes needed and $4.25 is excellent value.

The magic number of Electoral College votes that gives you the keys to four years in the Oval Office is 270.

Donald Trump needs to win some of the states that are currently leaning Biden, but he cannot afford to lose any of the states he gained in 2016.

Trump is still very much in this race, but he’ll need one of the great runs down the length of the Flemington straight to secure yet another upset victory.

But punter beware, the polls and the markets may be telling a different story.

Popular Vote Third Share - Kanye West @ $13

There are actually other candidates making a run for president including Kayne West.

The clear favourite is Jo Jorgensen from the Libertarian party at $1.06

But more for a novelty and a laugh, why not back Kayne West to finish in third place at $13