Simply V’Best Peter V’Landys Quotes

There’s no Australian sports administrator quite like NRL chairman/NSW racing CEO Peter V’Landys.

Most sports administrators are loathed and dreaded but it seems that V’Landys has a cult following from media and fans alike.

The man behind Rugby League, sorry RUGBAH-League has even had his own T-shirt

And the Western Weekender even released a special Peter V’Landys poster when the 2020 RUGBAH-League season resumed.

Love him or hate him, Peter V’Landys most certainly gets everyone talking and the man himself can sure dish it out as well as take it.

To celebrate all things Peter V’Landys we’ve compiled this all-time greatest hits compliation of just some of the great man’s finest quotes.

“On that subject, while they’re in Brisbane, it’s like people going to an ABBA concert when they’re ACDC fans.

They’ll like the rhythm for a while but they’ll go back to the real heavy stuff, the rugby league.”

“The AFL can sell meat but the vegetarians won’t eat it”

V’Landys on Queenslanders getting into AFL.

“We just wish to announce that the NRL Grand Final will be held in Cairns. We tried to find a golf course to do it in but unfortunately, they were all occupied.”

Another V’Landys classic sledge at the AFL

“They can huff and puff but they will never blow the house down because it’s solid brick. Our supporters are solid, they’re not straw. They can blow all they like but they won’t blow the brick wall down. Our rugby league supporters are strong, to say the least.”

V’Landys on the AFL’s venture into Queensland.

“At times I’ve looked at them and had a giggle, The first thing I said to Wayne Pearce, who heads Project Apollo, is that we won’t be using ‘bubbles’. We’ll just need self-isolation — and I was right.

Three weeks later, the AFL was still looking at bubbles. But no, I was more worried about us and making sure my predictions were the right ones.”

V’Landys on the AFL’s bubble plans.

“And they may want to spend some time at the Opera House and Sydney Harbour rather than some of their landmarks. I welcome it. It’s the best city in the world, we should have a few second-rate events. That’s no problem.

V’Landy’s on Sydney hosting the AFL Grand Final

“This is like a boxing match, you take a few blows to the head, a few body blow and you’ll find on the 28th of May we will start.”

V’Landys on Rugba-Leauge resuming on the 28th of May, spoiler alert: it did.

“An Australia without rugba-league is not Australia.”

V’Landys on the prospect of the NRL being shut down.

“They’re (Victorian Racing) stuck on the first Tuesday in November and good luck to them, that’s been a tradition and as I said, sometimes tradition can actually lead you to perish.”

V’Landys on moving the Melbourne Cup

“They (Victorians) keep going on about national co-operation but only if and when it suits them. However, when they have to co-operate they move faster than Winx to get away.”

Peter V’Landys on the Victorian Racing Industry

“To give Melbourne due credit, they’ve got all the sporting events, They haven’t got much of a city but they’ve got all the events.”

Peter V’Landys on Melbourne (pre-COVID)

“Melbourne has the smelly Yarra River, it’s got the most dreary city on Earth with the worst weather, yet NSW bows and scrapes to it all the time. We consume the Melbourne­ Cup, the AFL grand final, the Australian Tennis Open. In stark contrast, Sydney has the most beautiful city in the world and without any doubt the best harbour in the world and we do nothing to drive our own assets.”

V’Landys call to arms to get NSW back in the events game.