REVEALED: The Pros 👍 and Cons 👎 of the 2020 AFL Grand Final 🏆 Bidders

It’s the question on everyone in the football worlds lips:

Just where will the 2020 AFL Grand Final be played?

Caro and the crew on Channel 9’s Footy Classified gave viewers the inside word on who is in the running.

For obvious reasons, the MCG is now a 99.9% chance of not hosting this year’s decider.

This will be the first time since 1991 when the Grand Final was held at Waverley Park due the construction of the Great Southern Stand.

While nothing beats how special the Grand Final at the MCG can be, anyone who remembers a Grand Final outside of its traditional home can still be quite the spectacle.

Who can ever forget Angry Anderson in his batmobile?

Which city and venue will host this years Grand Final is a contencious issue.

Will it be Queensland who saved the 2020 season?

Will it be Perth and their flashy new stadium?

Will another city come out of nowhere and host Australia’s biggest sporting event?

The Neds Investigative unit can EXCLUSIVELY reveal just which cities are in the running to host this year’s decider along and weigh up their pros and cons.



  • Optus Stadium.
  • Could potentially have a 2:30 pm start local time, 5:30 start on Eastern seaboard factoring daylight savings, a bet each-way allowing a day grand final for some and twilight for others.
  • Traditional Australian Rules heartland state.
  • Bands like Birds of Tokyo, Eskimo Joe, Tame Impala can do the pre-game entertainment.
  • They can even go one better and get Pendulum to perform the ABC news theme remix with the Optus Stadium light show in full-flight. This could be the closest anyone gets to nightclubbing in the current climate.
  • Bigger crowd (even with current restrictions) therefore better atmosphere.
  • Rather than either calling the game from a studio in Melbourne, or flying a commentary team and making them quarantine for 14 days Channel 7 could bring Dennis Cometti out of retirement to call the match.
  • Ben Cousins can organise post-game celebrations.
  • Clive Palmer wouldn’t be able to attend.
    (Not that he knows anything about AFL or cares, but the fact he couldn’t come very much plays into Perth’s prospects)


  • Has built a reputation for being the “Boo Factory” and West Coast Eagles fans are known to boo their own Mum’s cooking.
  • Basil Zemplais
  • The brand-new West Coast Eagles Birds of Tokyo theme song is truly awful.
    Do you really want the Eagles (who are likely to feature) and this song being played on the day?
    If anything, denying them the Grand Final is a fair and reasonable punishment for this crime against music.
  • Giving WA the Grand Final as a once-off will mean they want it every single year.
    Speak to anyone you know from out West and that chip on their shoulder about #VICBIAS and “the Eastern States” is what gets them out of bed every morning.



  • Adelaide Oval
  • The “Never Tear Us Apart” thing at Port games is pretty impressive.
  • SA is another Australian Rules Football heartland state.
  • Grand Final parade can be held in Rundle Mall – hopefully with Johnny Farnham.
  • The local league – the SANFL knows how to put on a show for their special day.
    Nothing will ever top the Grand Final entertainment put on display back in 1987.
  • Rather than celebrating a premiership with champagne / crownies, the winning team can get on the Red Tins and of course, Farmers Union Iced Coffee


  • The losing team will have to go on a post-season camp run by Collective Minds.
  • Adelaide is well, Adelaide.

    Check out this recent tourism ad currently airing on SA television, who have only recently just gained access to Channel 10.



  • The NT Government have hired Daryl Somers to spruik what they have to offer when it comes to hosting the AFL Grand Final on the basis that “You’ll never ever know, if you never ever go.”
  • All Grand Final coverage to be covered exclusivly by the NT News.


  • A croc could end up eating the premiership cup and/or player in the post-game celebrations. This could result in tragedy but a great story for the NT News.



  • Heartland AFL state who has been dudded of an actual AFL team, so a Grand Final seems like good compensation.
  • Broadcasters can save on costs in terms of flying commentators down as Bev from The Bev Show can not only call the game but a triple threat as pre-game entertainment, commentator and do the Craig Willis job as matchday MC.


  • Tasmania has a history of vital pieces of infrastructure such as the siren not working at important times.
    However, another sirengate in a Grand Final is very on brand for the year 2020.
  • Having the Grand Final in Tassie would be a financial disaster given everyone will get into the ground on the one family ticket.
    (This is why I get paid the big bucks to come up with this cutting-edge comedy and award-winning investigative journalism)



  • Has contract to host Grand Final until 2057
  • Is the home of football.
  • Five day-Five night Dermott Brereton has won Grand Finals at two venues, says its better at the ‘G
  • Could make a massive power-play and force the 2020 Grand Final to be delayed until all this blows over because of tradition and play it at the G.


  • Don’t need to go there.



  • Yeah


  • Nah


  • If it wasn’t for Queensland, there wouldn’t be a 2020 AFL season.
  • Beautiful one day, perfect the next.
  • The Gabba is the home of the mighty Brisbane Lions (proudly sponsored by Neds) and is by far and away the best stadium in Australia for anything 😊
  • Post Grand Final celebrations can be held across the road at the Brisbane German Club.
  • The likes of Powderfinger, Savage Garden, Regurgitator, Custard and the Chats to be part of the pre-game entertainment
  • Neds HQ is based in Brisbane, which means we could get tickets.
  • No Queensland, No AFL.


  • Queensland is like Mary Poppins – perfect in every way.