Saturday, August 8

Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indians, 10:15 am
Indians $1.92

The odds are dead even for this one, with both sides currently priced at $1.92.

I’ve got a slight lean towards Cleveland here, mainly because I feel as though they’re the more complete team.

They’ve had a very good start to the season, going 8-6 with a plus 17 run differential so far.

Chicago are only one win behind them in the standings, but have a much worse differential.

The Indians have a huge edge here in the pitching matchup, with Aaron Civale starting against Dylan Cease.

Civale has looked outstanding thus far, controlling the plate well and delivering a 2.34 ERA.

Cease has struggled in comparison, and actually put up a 15.43 ERA in this very same matchup a week ago.

Factor in a powerful group of hitters in the form of Ramirez, Lindor, and Santana and Cleveland look mighty appealing here.

Oakland A’s vs Houston Astros, 11:15 am
Astros $1.90

Another high-profile game with very similar odds here. I’m also slightly leaning toward the road side, with Houston currently paying $1.90.

You can’t argue with Oakland’s impressive 9-4 start to the campaign, one that includes a plus 15 run differential.

That said, I think their good form is in part due to a rather weak schedule, which has in turn overvalued them in the market.

I’m not a huge fan of them in this pitching matchup, with the relatively unheralded Chris Bassitt taking the mound.

He just isn’t on the same level as Zack Greinke for Houston, which is where the main matchup advantage lies.

Although they haven’t been outstanding this season, I’ve still got a huge amount of confidence in Houston’s offense.

Oakland are a bit more inconsistent and I’m not sure Greinke is the pitcher they’ll break their drought against.