Round 5 v Port Adelaide

All this week I’ve been catching up on season two of The OC on DVD.

I’ve been pumping out on my stereo So Fresh – hits of Winter featuring Shannon Noll, Toxic by Britney Spears, Push Up by Freestylers, Tipsy by J-Kwon, Ms.Vanity by Millsy and an absolute who’s who of music.


Along with this, a lot of my time has been spent thinking about who I will vote for in Australian Idol.

Casey or Anthony?

I’ve got $15 in credit and SMSing the number is 90 cents per message, I can’t waste it.


Because it’s the year 2004 and the mighty Brisbane Lions and Port Adelaide are playing in a top of the table clash at the Gabba this Saturday night.

Well, that’s how it feels anyway.

Drunk on Power
Brisbane Lions (-1.5) @ $2

If low scoring, highly defensive and keepings off football is your thing then this is not the game for you.

On Saturday night you’ll see free-flowing, free-scoring, fast-paced Australian Rules Football – the way it’s meant to be played.

Quite frankly, I despise Port Adelaide and have been working behind the scenes with Eddie McGuire to ensure the prison bar jumper never sees the light of day again.

After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I’ve never forgiven Port Adelaide since the 2004 Grand Final, denying us our rightful four flags on the trot.

Choco Williams carrying on like a pork chop, the colour teal, Kane Cornes for being himself, Kochie.

To quote the great philosopher Martin Pike, we all know the Wakelin brothers “…both sleep with the light on and in bunk beds.”

In a perfect world, Alan Scott would be right.

The reasons to hate Port Adelaide are vast and plentiful.

Ideally, I want someone to go the full Alistair Lynch on them this Saturday night.

But then, I really don’t want any of our boys to get suspended so we’re going to just let our football do the talking.

Provided our boys have done extensive goal-kicking practice this week (let’s face it, we should have beaten the Crows by 90+ points) we can get the job done over the Power.

Charlie Cameron Most Goals $2.75

So the Power is sitting on top of the ladder and Charlie Dixon kicked a bag of six against the Eagles last week, so what?

We’ve got the best Charlie in the League!

Charlie Cameron of course.

Tom Browne reported during the week that he might consider a trade, Tom Browne reports a lot things.

Charlie loves the Lions and the Lions love Charlie.

Methinks some barrack harder for trades then the game itself, but I digress.

As for Saturday night, expect our Charlie and his motorbike to be revved up to do some serious damage up forward.

He only kicked 2.2 last week but also took a contender for mark of the year.

I reckon he can kick 4+ and more than what the other Charlie for Port Adelaide will score.

Put him down for most goals in this one.

I love to have a beer with Lachie
Lachie Neale 2+ Goals @ $3.75

Lachie Neale, you owe me a beer.

You even said so yourself

Sure he ruined mine and many other of my punting mates’ multis last Sunday, but I’m willing to give the 2020 Brownlow medalist another chance.

Not only do I expect one goal from Lachie, I expect two.

I won’t forget about that beer either.