A Collection of TV Sports Rants and Blow-Ups

Mark Bosnich felt the need to pull rank on his fellow FOX Sports commentator Brenton Speed on Monday night.

The Australian Football icon was having none of Speedy’s justifications regarding a contentious moment that was the non-penalty to Sam Silvera from the Central Coast Mariners.

“Speedy, it’s a contact sport, and remember that’s why you and Adam are commentators and I’m the expert. It was not a penalty.”

With Bozza pulling rank on Brenton Speed dominating our news feeds right now, we thought what better way to get involved by recapping some of the great rants and blow-ups we’ve seen whilst watching sport on TV over the years.

Bozza has previous form in the field of on-air blow-ups.

Like the time the great man told us what he really thought about the VAR debacle after the Sydney Derby in 2018

…and there was the time he let rip into the Socceroos when they were struggling in the World Cup Qualifier against Oman back in 2013.

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony was awful.

Normally known for her friendly on-air manner, Johanna Griggs famously didn’t hold back at the end of Channel 7’s broadcast as to how bad it really was.

The mix of no footy being played and being in a lockdown can make people a little testy.

This was most certainly the case for Tony “Chompers” Jones and Eddie McGuire in what was meant to be a simple Channel 9 cross-promotion back in April.

When you think “Rugby League Rant and Blow Up” the name Gus Gould and Buzz Rothfield are the first ones that spring to mind.

Here’s a war of words between the two from a couple of months ago.

Gus and Buzz having it out with each other are reminiscent of Grampa Simpson demanding Chester paint his Chicken Coop.

Although not sport, Normie Rowe and Ron Casey trading blows on the Midday Show deserves a shout-out in this blog.

In a simpler time, Gus Gould giving then NRL CEO David Gallop a piece of his mind was enthralling viewing.

Remember when Joey Johns didn’t hold back on the Blues Origin performance back in 2017?

Legendary Miami Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino clearly wasn’t happy about something in this outburst.

While not really a rant nor a blow-up, the BBC’s post-game coverage of Iceland’s win over England at Euro 2016 always makes for some great schadenfreude.

Malcolm Blight couldn’t give “a rats tossbag” when it comes to what people thought about his time coaching St.Kilda

It wasn’t the first time either that Blight let rip on Television when Adelaide Ruckman David Pittman copped it back when he was coach of the Crows

No one can do a better rant than those who cover The World Game like when Craig Foster let rip into Pim Verbeek after Australia copped a belting in the 2010 World Cup.

When the USA missed out on a spot in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, ESPN commentator Taylor Twellman didn’t hold back.

Anyone who follows Racing knows Singo and knows that he tells it like it is, like when he broke up with Gai Waterhouse on television.

Back in 1991, the Steve Vizard Tonight Live show thought it would be a great idea to have legendary Rugby League commentator Rex Mossop on with drag-queen Julian Clary.

For the benefit of this blog, they were right.

The Moose wouldn’t last a day in 2020.

UFC Fans are well aware of the feud between Dana White and Tyron Woodley. No matter the outcome in the Octogon, it always results in TV Gold!

We could add thousands of clips of commentators getting angry in a never-ending blog but luckily the good people at YouTube have this excellent montage.

While it was on the radio, Rex Hunt getting stuck into a fan having a Durry at Princes Park back in 2002 is all time and deserves to be part of this list.

We’ll finish this list with the GOAT.

Richie Beaunad after the Underarm incident wasn’t mad.

He was just disappointed.