MasterChef 2020 Market Update

We’re down to the final 10 in this year’s series of MasterChef: Back to Win.

MasterChef has been the closest thing to competitive live prime-time sports of recent and while the AFL and NRL might be back, along with Big Brother and The Voice, there’s no doubt that we’ll be locked to Channel 10 at 7:30 each night to see who will win this all-star series.

Throughout this series we’ve seen new judges Jock, Melissia and Andy add some much-needed spice to the show.

The likes of Gordon Ramsay and Katy Perry have been guest judges and we’ve seen the show have to adapt to the time of COVID-19 and social distancing as it was a very different world when filming of this series began.

There have been some absolutely delicious meals cooked and the best is yet to come.

We study the form heading into the business end of this series.

Emelia Jackson

Emelia earned high-praise early on in this series when guest judge Gordon Ramsay described her pistachio and strawberry eclair “breathtaking”

Judge Mel described it as “…the front cover of a magazine” 

Having competed for immunity twice, with one win and a near-perfect performance Emelia now finds herself at Winx-like odds to win this series.

However, she’ll need to be at her best at the business end and the fact that everyone in the top 10 has played this game before – you shouldn’t rule out anyone.

Laura Sharrad

When Laura made new judge Jock emotional in the very first episode, you knew she meant business in this all-star back-to-win series.

With two Mystery Box winning dishes, Laura is a fighting chance.

However, cooking for immunity twice and not winning and still yet to be on a winning team challenge at this stage is something she’s going to need to work on to topple the like of Emilia.

Her hand-rolled pinci had Judge Andy singing her praises “It’s just perfect, no better word. Seasoned perfectly, every bit about was perfect.” 

If she can knuckle down at this stage of the competition she’s at solid value to cause an upset.

Reynold Poernomo

With three mystery box dish wins and one out of three immunity victories, Reynold was the market leader only as recently as two weeks ago.

The judges have sung is praises with his down the rabbit hole dessert.

However, Reynold’s biggest weakness is his focus on presentation and not the taste.

Food is to be eaten.  Not just for Instagram.

You can make the food look as impressive as you want but at the end of the day, it’s all about the taste.

If he can combine presentation and taste at the business end of this series – look out!

Callum Hann

Always a fan-favourite, Callum has competed for immunity three times this series, for two wins.

A solid hit out against Gordon Ramsay in the first week and another victory last week as seen him find his way into the top 10.

Clearly, Callum loves his Asian foods with Carrot and ginger okonomiyaki and his mandarin master stock with duck toasted sesame proving a hit with the judges.

Callum’s efforts with the Kingfish zucchini & pistachio baba ganoush w/oregano vinaigrette is also something not to be underestimated.

He has proven time and time again that he can match it with the best, like what he did when he took on Gordon Ramsay making a Potato Crusted Murray Cod with Minestrone.

Callum can beat anyone on his day but needs to just take a breath. 

Poh Ling Yeow

High hopes were on the series 1 runner-up to finally claim her crown, opening the MasterChef betting as the $3.50 favourite.

Much has changed and there’s been a major drift out to the current $23 price.

While Poh has had three top dishes from the Mystery Box, she’s competed four times in four consecutive weeks for immunity and yet to secure a victory.

It’s always a roller-coaster ride when watching Poh in the kitchen but she can deliver some great dishes such as the Meat and three Stout braised beef pie with a blue cheese crust. 

Many were amazed when Poh dished out the Strawberry Chiffon Cake, using every single one of her 90 minutes allocated to wow the masses – especially Gordon Ramsay.

It’s easy to write her off, but if anyone is going to pull off a major upset at long odds in Masterchef – it’s Poh. 

Tessa Boersma

Backing it up from last years series, Tessa has proven her worth amongst some absolute giants of the Masterchef kitchen and found herself in the top 10.

While she is yet to compete for immunity in this Back to Win series, she’s most certainly been a hit.

Her efforts in the dessert categories have been outstanding with the Moreton Bay Bug Mornay with Thyme Brioche Doughnuts, Tamarind Ice Cream with Anise Myrtle and Beetroot Ice cream with fresh blackberry sauce and fresh blackberry Fresh Basil had the judges singing her praises.

Tessa does appear a little star-struck in the kitchen.

If she can knuckle down and just focus on her own cooking she can go deep into the series. 


“Carn’ Khanh!” I hear you scream at the television every night.

Khanh has had two successful mystery box dishes, however, while he has cooked for immunity five times this series he’s yet to get the metaphorical chocolates.

His biggest hit this series so far was his Coral Trout Rasam.

It had Judge Mel describe it as “fireworks in a bowl.”

Khanh is very similar to Poh in that he’s an ideas man, tries to do anything and everything and might let it get in the way of the main game – cooking a damn tasty dish.

It’s been nice to have him back on the show, but he’s highly unlikely to claim victory in this series.

Reece Hignell

Reece is best remembered in this series for being an absolute fanboy around Katy Perry and fair play to him.

So far, he’s had two mystery box winning dishes but is yet to gain immunity despite having cooked off for it twice.

Another of the chefs who loves to make a tasty dessert, Reece’s hits include a Carrot cake, sweet soy ice cream & a beetroot caramel that had guest-chef Shannon Martinez singing his praises.

He also shocked the judges with his Mandarin and Tarragon Ice Cream, Caramelised White Chocolate and Miso Parfait with Verjuice Granita that left Andy shocked that the combination worked.

Can lose some confidence at times and probably isn’t up to the high-pressure of this part of the series. 

Brendan Pang

If MasterChef was voted by the people, Brendan would be in with a fighting chance.

However, the pressure is on the fan favourite who is known for his love of all things dumpling.

Brendan has been up for immunity twice but yet to claim victory.

His form is 50/50 on the team challenges with three wins, three losses.

Fans will be delighted he’s made the top 10.

The question remains just how long he’ll last? 

Masterchef Specials

Along with the outright winner, there’s some pretty tasty value to be found in our MasterChef specials markets.

If you don’t think Emelia is going to win we’re offering a solid $3.50 for Reynold Poernomo or Laura Sharrad to Win as part of our double-chance special.

Many expect Reynold to be there in the final and you can get an even $2 for Reynold Poernomo to Finish in the Top 2

As for Poh, you can get $3 for Poh Ling Yeow to Finish in the Top 3

While our bookies struggle to make a ham and cheese toastie at the best of times, they can whip up some pretty tasty markets under immense pressure.

These MasterChef specials are worth considering to have up your sleeve at the business end of this series.