Big Brother 2020 Form Guide

It was the show that changed the face of television as we knew it when it first aired on Channel 10 some 19 years ago!

Originally hosted by Gretel Killen we did the bum dance with Sarah-Maree, seeing Jess and Marty’s romance blossom, watching Merlin make a stance, found out that Miriam was a man, stayed up to watch Big Brother uncut,  saw the term “Turkey-Slap” enter the general vernacular and Mike Goldman’s efforts to keep us entertained in Big Brother Up late? 

The original Big Brother series was something to behold. 

Then it came back on the Nine Network for a few years and it was mostly a bit “meh”

Now, Channel Seven is having a crack at Big Brother and have brought Sonia Kruger as host (from the Channel 9 version – where is Gretel?) with the new series premiering this Monday night.

So we enter a new era, with new participants, new challenges, new formats and somehow the concept of people being locked in their house for a long time isn’t as novel an idea as it once was.

We’ve studied the form for all 20 housemates ahead of the series premiere on Monday. 

Daniel Gorringe

Despite what the promo says – Daniel Gorringe is NOT a former AFL star.

He is a former AFL player who played a total of 26 games for the Gold Coast Suns and Carlton from 2012-2016.

The man himself will tell you he is not a star.

Gorringe has made a name taking pot-shots at himself on social media and even starred in FOX Footy’s AFL draft promos pointing out he was no good at football.

He’s not the first ex-AFL player to appear on Big Brother.

Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald famously appeared in the 2004 series of Big Brother after his career with the Sydney Swans and Adelaide had come to an end.

Unlike Fitzy, Gorringe’s career was not cut short by injury.

It was cut short because he wasn’t that good and only drafted for his athletic ability. 

He’ll tell you that himself. 

Daniel opens this series of Big Brother the market favourite based on his already decent public profile and social media presence, which wasn’t that much of a factor when the show was big in the 2000s.

Although he may have played 26 more AFL games than 99% of readers of this blog, there’s no doubt that Daniel’s efforts on Big Brother will already be better than what he dished up on the footy field. 

Chad Hurst

According to his bio – Chad is a double threat.

Not only is he an international model “by career”

He’s also “a Tradie at heart”

I highly doubt given he’s modelled for the likes of Vogue, GQ and Superdry that he’s the kind of tradie that knocks off for a Big M and a Sausage Roll during smoko.

Nor would he have the radio pumping out Triple M during the day.

He seems nothing like Scotty Cam.

Poses a threat to Daniel.

Looks to be a hit with the Ladies.

Odds on to fall in love in some sort of Jess and Marty type situation during this series, possibly with himself. 

Sophie Budack

The sporty theme continues in this batch of Big Brother contestants with the inclusion of former gymnast Sophie.

The 25-year-old from Darwin, Sophie was part of the London 2012 Olympics team when she was 18 representing Australia in Gymnastics.

Prepare for Sophie and Daniel to have the Marlon Brando conversation about how they “…coulda been a contender.” in their respective sporting fields. 

Sophie’s Olympic dreams were shattered when she suffered a back injury.

Can she claim gold in Big Brother 2020? 

She opens at the solid $5 price.

Mat Garrick

Another tradie enters the Big Brother house!

Except, unlike Chad, Mat looks like a bloke you’d actually trust when on the tools.

The token good, knock-about country bloke is always something to look forward to in any reality TV show and could be smoky with a no-nonsense approach.

Along with being a tradie and coming from Broken Hill, Mat has spent most of his life telling people his name is spelled with just one t.

Laura Kaiviti

Laura’s bio reads as follows:

“Fierce, fabulous and unique, Laura is pumped to bring her “good vibez” to Big Brother.

True to herself and mentally agile, Laura is not one to back down in an argument. “It’s my way or the highway” she says and isn’t afraid to play tough to get an advantage.“”

I get the feeling she’s trying to be the 2020 version of Sarah-Maree.

There’s only one Sarah-Maree.

The professional dancer could go deep into this series.

Zoe George

With the lethal mix of being the triple threat of being a Mum, lifestyle blogger and secondary school woodwork teacher, Zoe looks set to add some real personality in the Big Brother house.

In one of the upcoming Big Brother promos, Zoe declared “If you haven’t had things under your nail and wondered if it’s Nutella or poo, then you’re not a mum!”


I get the feeling we might have a case of the Poppy’s from MAFS and see plenty of Zoe mentioning she has kids and she does indeed miss them.

Can’t see her going all the way, but get on at the $15 to prove me wrong. 

Angela Clancy

Given the current climate, the 37-year-old Mum of two from Perth who works as an events manager has picked a bloody good time to be in the Big Brother house.

When people who happen to be mother’s go on reality shows, they are never just “Mums”.

They are sassy Mums,

Busy Mums.

Proud Mums.

Loving Mums.

You get my drift.

Perhaps we should have a word with the bookies to get an over/under market framed on how many “As a mother/s” we’ll get during this series. 

I have no doubt Angela is going to play a vital role in this series. 

Talia Rycroft

Looks like we have our resident tomboy in the Big Brother 2020 line up.

Her bio for Big Brother reads as follows: 

“Talia isn’t your average 22-year-old woman. In fact, people are usually shocked to discover this blonde beauty works in construction and was a homeowner at just 19.

She may be young and look like a “girly girl,” but after growing up with two older brothers and managing a job site of 50 men, she can hold her own with the boys.“

Given that gender is just a social construct made from the establishment these days, perhaps its a bit problematic?

Nah, this is Big Brother.

No doubt Talia is good value from a personality perspective and a betting one.

It will be interesting to see how she goes.

Shane Vincent

“Shane is an effervescent husband and father-of-three with a wicked sense of humour.

In coming on Big Brother, Shane wants to prove to himself and his kids that anything is possible.“

Ahh, the wacky-wholesome Dad-type. 

Shane seems better suited from a sitcom made 30 years ago than Big Brother. 

Seems like a good bloke, but can’t see him being in the house for long.


Casey Mazzucchelli

“Self-described bogan Casey” it reads in her bio.

Casey, I reckon if you’re going in the Big Brother house – we’ve already established just where you stand in the social rankings of our society.

But we love it.

Described as a “clumsy, self-deprecating free spirit” I get the feeling that Kalgoorlie girl Casey is going to be in the Big Brother house for a good time – not a long one. 

Allan Liang

One read of his bio and we’ve just worked out who the bloke everyone watching will hate over the next couple of months.

“Allan is a high-achieving corporate salesman from Sydney who will do whatever it takes to win Big Brother.

Being mediocre just doesn’t cut it for this self-described master manipulator.

He will use strategy, stir the pot, poke the bear and give it his all to be there at the end.”

Allan also still lives with his parents and not in the down on his luck way either. 

I hope Allan has given Micheal from the most recent series of Married at First Sight a call on how to go about it. 

Marissa Rancan

Marisa goes into Big Brother as one of the oldest housemates to be in the show.

Some viewers might remember her from her Aerobics Oz Style days and she is an Australian fitness pioneer.

There’s no doubt she’ll be up for the challenge. 

Sarah McDougal

One read of Sarah’s bio and you’ll agree she ticks a lot of boxes to be the little Aussie Battler on the show

“Sarah is a 4’11” pocket rocket and Regimental Sergeant Major with the Australian Army Cadets.

What she lacks in height, Sarah makes up for with personality, passion and positivity. She loves beating people’s perceptions about her based on her stature.”

She’ll bring some perspective to the big egos on the show 

But that won’t make the cut in Big Brother.

She’s got no chance.

Kieran Davidson

I really hope Kieran has a really good sense of humour about himself orhas locked his social media platforms and utilised the block and mute functions because this gentleman is in for a ride (with someone else driving) based on his bio:

A 40-year-old in the body of a 21-year-old, who reckons the celebrity he’s most like is Justin Bieber? Meet Kieran.

Dubbed Adelaide’s worst driver, Kieran has been on his L plates for three and a half years, but thinks his housemates are going to go down like “a sack of bloody potatoes.”

“I’m really competitive. I want to be the king of the house. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to stir the pot and win,” he says.

Kieran looks to have the potential to be memorable.

Someone we will talk about when doing nostalgia blogs when Big Brother somehow ends up being broadcast on SBS in 10 years time.

He’s not going to win, but we will have a lot of fun with him.

Mostly at his own expense, the poor bloke.

Xavier Molyneux

“Surfer boy Xavier is likely to be the cheekiest and most chilled out person in the Big Brother house. But look past his boyish charm and laidback persona and you’ll find a deep-thinking paramedic with a kind heart.

He admits he can be a bit of a troublemaker and while he doesn’t like fake people, he does like messing with them.“

The only X-factor you’ll see with Xavier is the first letter of his name. 

This bloke won’t last. 

Hannah Campbell

Like all Big Brother contestants, Hannah aims to win. (No s*it Sherlock)

“Confident, cutthroat and super competitive, Hannah is going to tackle the game of Big Brother with a vengeance.

Hannah can’t stand people who are full of themselves or selfish and says that lying men and bitchy girls will push her over the edge. If she doesn’t like someone, they’ll know about it – she is not going to tread lightly. “

If we can focus on the “Hannah can’t stand people who are full of themselves or selfish and says that lying men and bitchy girls will push her over the edge” line she’s got no chance.
There’s a reason she’s opened the betting at odds of $26

Danni Keogh

Danni is a mother of two from Townsville.

She works for the government.

She believes she’ll put the “real” in REALity TV.

Apparently is prone to some foot in mouth moments.

Seems a bit plain.

Yeah, nah, Danni’s got no chance.


Ian Joass

“Inquisitive by nature, there’s a science to Ian’s motivations for applying to Big Brother.

Growing up in the bush as an only child, Ian developed a fascination with ecology and biology,

Playing with someone’s feelings is one thing he absolutely won’t do. He also dislikes close-minded people who aren’t willing to listen to, or accept, viewpoints that go against their own.“

To sum up his bio – Ian is the token nerd and is probably going to be in some heated debate with one of the older contestants about if climate change is real or not. 

Soobong Hwang

One read of the bio and you know that this guy is going to be the fan-favourite that gets the Freo-Heave-Ho early on in the series and everyone will be heartbroken that this was the case.

“Adelaide delivery driver SooBong has been a singer, ski instructor, casino dealer, personal trainer, golf coach, sound engineer and vocal coach, and now has his sights set on becoming the winner of Big Brother.“

Another in the “here for a good time, not a long time” category.

Garth Saville

“Fab, fun and a little naughty, Garth is setting out on his Big Brother adventure to prove to himself and Australia that you can still play hard at 50.”

Spoiler alert:

Garth is going to be early to the party.

He’s also going to leave the party before it gets any good.

Garth isn’t going to win.

Why are you still even reading this?