Iso Hair - Yeah! Yeah!

A Collection of Footy’s Finest Post-Iso Haircuts

With the footy of both the NRL and AFL variety returning after the COVID-19 enforced lockdown, it’s fair to say not every player has come back looking like Johnny Unitas – who has a haircut you can set your watch to.

Just about anything goes – from mohawks, extra peroxide, mullets, curls, sideburns, moustaches and fully bushy beards have emerged as training and matches resume and we’ve decided to celebrate them today in our blog.

When the NRL resumed on Thursday night, it was clear that Parramatta’s Dylan Brown went for the Brett Lee early 2000s look.

FUN FACT – Dylan Brown is a massive fan of Six’n Out.

Richmond’s Sydney Stack paid tribute to Neopolitan ice-cream with this outstanding-do when the Tigers resumed training.

Viliame Kikau paid tribute to his favourite host of Family Feud turned Channel 7 regional Queensland newsreader in yesterday’s Panthers-Knights thriller.

Meanwhile, at the Gabba, Jarrod Berry from the Brisbane Lions (proudly sponsored by Neds) has a wonderful mullet in the works.

Melbourne Demons captain Max Gawn has always been a unique unit and his mohawk is very much on brand.

Source: FOX Sports

However, Footy Classified host/media-mogul Craig “Hutchy” Hutchison wasn’t a fan.

If there’s an expert on a good hairstyle – It’s Hutchy.

Jai Arrow has no chance of making the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Softball team, not until he TRIMS THOSE SIDEBURNS!

It seems as though the mullet is back in fashion on the Gold Coast.

This is something we can 100% get on board with.

St.George-Illawarra’s Paul Vaughan managed to get the traditional short, back and sides.

However, he did wear Warwick Capper’s shorts on the weekend.

We’re not sure if its a new addition but a special shout-out goes to the Warriors water boy’s A Grade moustaka.

In the past few months, Cameron Smith has given $0 to the Gillette Corporation.

The only salt you’ll find on Chris Scott now is on his recently grown salt’ n pepper beard.

Sorry ladies, he’s single.

Some coaches have opted for a beard, but not even lockdown or isolation could change the looks of Des Hasler.

We’re bitterly disappointed the mullet did not make a comeback. C’mon Des.

While there has been plenty of wonderful looks coming out of this period, but in our books – Collingwood Lynden Dunn takes the cake.