15 Opponents for Mike Tyson’s Comeback Fight

If you’ve seen the videos, you’d know Mike Tyson looks like he’s ready to step back into the boxing ring.

The 53-year-old former heavyweight champion and (we hope) former ear lobe connoisseur could be setting up a return to the sport that made him famous.

As long as he doesn’t channel Tyson Fury and start trying to sing in the ring after a victory, we’re here for it.

That, naturally sparked a debate in the office about who he should have his comeback fight against.

Some want him to have a tune up bout against a glorified punching bag while others suggested some slightly more well-known names in the sport.

Either way, whoever does step up for this (at the moment) hypothetical bout will have a lot to handle.

Anthony Joshua

By the sounds of things, Anthony Joshua has some time to fill before his next fight with Tyson Fury, so why not warm up by taking on Tyson?

At 1.98m and 108kg (or thereabouts), he is the unified Heavyweight Title holder with the belts from the full alphabet soup of boxing organisations.

Tyson fought as a heavyweight in his days so in if both were in their prime this would have been a fantastic bout.

Either of the Klitchsko Brothers

Wladimir/Vitaly whichever one is happy to strap on the gloves should give Iron Mike a pretty solid test.

If it happens to be Vitaly, he would be the first active politician to participate in a boxing match since former British PM James Harold Wilson fought under the moniker Kid Baron Wilson as an MP during the early 1950’s (we think).

Lennox Lewis

During our search for videos, we found this one of Lewis taking on a young Klitchsko in 2003 and… well why not throw him in the list?

Conor McGregor

Retirement? What retirement?

The mad Irishman has taken a sabbatical before and let’s be honest, if there’s a chance to make a quick (several million) dollars, he’ll jump at the chance.

Of course the bout will probably have to be entirely sponsored by his liquor company & whatever else he’s trying plug.

It can’t go any worse than his last fight?

Evander Holyfield

No hard feelings between these two… right?

Mouthguards are going to be compulsory in this bout.

Barry Hall

He’s got a hook that can floor you (just ask Brent Staker), but how will Hall go against an actual boxer?

Somehow this may go a bit differently to his professional boxing debut, a draw against Paul Gallen.

Paul Gallen

Speaking of Gallen, you think Hall might fight back a bit more than Nate Myles?

Quade Cooper

If you think we’re going to avoid the obvious line of, “Tyson might be a slightly tougher opponent than a school teacher…” we’re not.

Having taken on some very angry All Blacks throughout his career, it would be interesting to see which Cooper thinks is a scarier proposition.

Myles Garrett

You may be wondering where that name sounds familiar from, Garrett was the NFL player who got suspended last year for ripping off an opponent’s helmet and trying to hit him with it.

Jamie Foxx

He’s apparently going to play Tyson in a movie, let’s see how effective those Hollywood training regimes are!

Ed Helms

We’ve seen this play out in The Hangover but we hope Helms would last more than one punch in a non-scripted environment.

Justin Bieber

Be honest, who wouldn’t want to see Bieber get the snot knocked out of him?

We still haven’t forgiven him for “Baby” either.

Israel Folau

The Wallabies weren’t winning the World Cup last year but we can blame Folau’s social media use for them bowing out the way they did and suggest this as an appropriate punishment.

Homer Simpson

A good test of Tyson’s conditioning would be to see him take on the man with the iron skull, Homer Simpson.