10 Terrific Twitter Feuds From the World of Sport

If there’s one social media platform known for clear thinking, rational, caring, respectful, well-thought-out discussion and debate – Twitter dot com is not the website.

No one has ever logged on to Twitter for peace, love and understanding.

This is where you go for a good old fashioned blow-up and to argue with people you’ve never met or will probably never agree with.

The golden rule is never tweet and you would think our sporting heroes would avoid it like the plague, but that hasn’t stopped some of Australia’s (and the worlds) biggest sporting personalities to start a good old Twitter feud and we’re proud to present just some of the best that’s ever been tweeted.  

(1) Hugh Greenwood and Mark Ricciuto

After the Suns massive 53 point win over the Crows on the weekend, the Gold Coast recruit was more than happy to get stuck into his old club and their football director (and Adelaide legend) Mark Ricciuto.

(2) Nick Kyrigios and Everyone Who Ever Crossed Him

He may be inconsistent on the Tennis court, but when it comes to Twitter feuds Nick Kyrigios is a game-set-match in 3 straight sets kind of operator.

Like when he had no hesitation calling his opponent Casper Rudd “Boring”

Or when ex-AFL players get stuck into him about his form.

And there was this classic encounter when Kyrigos gave Tex Walker from the Adelaide Crows a 2017 Grand Final style thrashing, two years before that game was even played.

(3) Gus Gould v Journalists

When he had a bet each-way working in both clubland and the media, old Gus didn’t mind getting stuck into the fourth estate.

(4) Tom Browne v Jack Riewoldt

Channel 7 sports reporter Tom Browne has developed a somewhat cult following for his Twitter feed, be it a breaking story or theory on where the game is placed.

People getting stuck into Tom Browne on Twitter is nothing new, but Richmond’s Jack Riewoldt deciding to respond to one of his stories remains an all-time highlight.

(5) Classic Dave Warner

Before he was the cute and cuddly star of family TikTok videos, Dave Warner loved a good feud on Twitter.

His interactions with journalists Robert “Crash” Craddock and Malcolm Conn back in 2013 were all time.

The tweets have been deleted, but the transcript remains.

Shock me @crashcraddock1talking shit about ipl jealous prick. Get a real job. All you do is bag people. #getalife — David Warner (@davidwarner31) May 17, 2013

Wow @crashcraddock1 some smart journo who thinks he can bringDown people. Well done CHAMP!! — David Warner (@davidwarner31) May 17, 2013

@malcolmconn coming from you champion all you do is talk shit as well. What about encouraging Aus players rather then bagging them. — David Warner (@davidwarner31) May 17, 2013

@davidwarner31 You lose 4-0 in India, don’t make a run, and you want to be tickled on the tummy? Win the Ashes and get back to me. — Malcolm Conn (@malcolmconn) May 17, 2013

@malcolmconn are you still talking you old fart, no wonder know one buys your paper. — David Warner (@davidwarner31) May 17, 2013

@malcolmconn have a look at you, your a fool writing back thinking your talking to a wannabe cricketer haha. — David Warner (@davidwarner31) May 17, 2013

@davidwarner31 Its becoming increasingly obvious why Brad Haddin was brought back as vice captain. Your lengths behind in that race. — Malcolm Conn (@malcolmconn) May 17, 2013

(6) Michelle Payne v Firm Race Tracks

The 2015 Melbourne Cup-winning jockey has shown over the years that she isn’t afraid to let people know how she feels, especially on the issues of firm race tracks.

From the time she got stuck into Flemington track manager Mick Goodie to letting rip into the state of Sandown, Payne has plenty of good form on Twitter as well as iconic races.

Fair to say, the racing authorities didn’t take the feedback well.

You know it always ends well when someone sends an apology with a screenshot of a note attached.

(7) Kane Cornes v Tex Walker

This really should be Kane Cornes v Everyone, but his feud with Tex Walker at the Crows is all-time.

The Port Adelaide 300 gamer, failed fireman now turned AFL clickbait shock jock Cornes is the gold standard for taking potshots at everyone whos anyone, but none more than Tex.

Here are just some of the greatest hits.

(8) Robbie Slater v Craig Foster

SokkahTwitter is a world of Feuds in its own unique universe.

This one from Craig Foster and Robbie Slater during the 2014 World Cup is actually quite wholesome in the grand scheme of things.

(9) GWS Media Team v AFL Website

Back in April, things got a bit angsty between the Giants and the AFL’s official website when they reported possible player movement during the season postponement.

The journos from AFL media hit back at the Giants

(10) Buzz Rothfield v Phil Gould

In scenes akin to Grandpa Simpson and Chester P. Lampwick fighting over painting a chicken coup on The Simpsons, Gus Gould has landed the ultimate Twitter blow by blocking Buzz Rothfield.

The two will have to argue the old fashioned way – on television.