Nedflix and Chill – The Best Sport on TV: W/C Mon 18/4 – Thurs 21/4

Monday 18th May

The Last Dance
– Drops 5 pm

Do we even need to recommend this?

We all know you’re going to watch it.

Episodes nine and ten of The Last Dance which chronicles the story of Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls has been captivating viewing over the past few weeks, and these final chapters are sure to be sensational.

Australian viewers have wondered as to why Luc Longley was a notable absentee and its fair to say Michael Jordan hasn’t come across as a “top bloke” but if you’re the GOAT you don’t need to be.

22 years in the making, The Last Dance will go down as one of the best sports documentaries of all time and the wait has been all worth it.

Australian Story: Roy & HG
ABC 8 pm /iView

Be it This Sporting Life on Triple J, The Festival of the Boot, various other radio stints and of course, The Dream at the Sydney 2000 Olympics Roy and HG have been part of the sports fans diet for the good part of 35 years.

Tonight the ABC’s Australian Story program profiles the relationship between Greig Pickhaver and John Doyle – better known as HG Nelson and Roy Slaven.

One of the most iconic comic duos who live by the motto where “too much sport is barely enough” has a great story to tell about the chemistry between the two and a great behind the scenes perspective between two of the all-time greats.

A must watch.

Tuesday, 19th May

Channel 10 7:30 pm

While most sport has been on hiatus of recent I’ve argued the case that MasterChef is as good as it gets for prime-time sports on television.

With new judges and an all-star contestant format, the 12th series of MasterChef Australia has really given it a shot in the arm and has been good, wholesome viewing.

Poh opened the betting as the favourite but recent developments in the kitchen have seen Reynold runway as the punters choice at $1.26

Tuesday’s edition sees contestants made to replicate special guest chef Peter Gunn’s “Black Box” from his restaurant Ides and the person who cooks the least impressive dish being sent home.

Here’s a tip – if there’s a heap of cutaways to profiles of one particular contestant, it usually means they are going home.

Wednesday, 20th May

30 for 30
ESPN/Foxtel streaming

Let’s get this straight – there’s no such thing as a bad as an ESPN 30 for 30.

Watch any of ESPN’s legendary documentary series and you’re 100% guaranteed a good story.

Foxtel’s highly underrated streaming service is offering the complete catalogue of “30 for 30”

Subscribers with an IQ 3 or IQ 4 can access it by simply hitting the “Libary” button and the catalogue is available for you to stream.

After you’re done with The Last Dance on Netflix and you’re in the mood for more sports documentaries – a 30 for 30 binge-watch is a pretty good option.

In no particular order, we’d recommend:

OJ: Made In America
June 17, 1994
Elway to Marino
Four Days in October
The Price of Gold
Bad Boys
Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?

We could go on, but they’re all good.

Thursday, 21st May

Your Team Wins Every Week
FOX Footy 504 / Kayo

We’ve had Big Bag Week and the Last Quarter Thrillers and now FOX Footy is going back to the “Your Team Wins Every Week” replay format.

Essendon and Western Bulldogs fans are in for a treat as FOX brings out some games that haven’t actually been shown from the archives for a long time.

First up is Essendon’s 11 point win over Geelong back in Round 10, 1994 in what wasn’t quite the famous Ablett/Salmon shoot out from the year previous but is a solid contest of attacking 1990’s footy.

Then after we go to Round 3, 1993 where Footscray travels to Princes Park to take on Fitzroy in an absolute thriller.

Witness the likes of Danny Del-Rae, Keenan Reynolds and of course Doug Hawkins dominate for the Bulldogs.

For Fitzroy, you’ll see the likes of John McCarryhy and Alistair Lynch kick goals along with Paul Broderick and Paul Roos dominate in the midfield.

This game between the Roys and the Doggies goes down to the wire.

With AFL coming back on June 11, these classic replays have filled the void for footy fans and FOX Footy should be commended for their efforts.