MasterChef 2020 Betting Update

Meals have been cooked.

Celebrities have judged.

Pressure Tests have been high pressure.

Some like to make dumplings, others pasta.

We’re down to the business end of MasterChef: Back to Win and we’re here to give you an update on how the punters are feeling at this stage of the competition.

Emelia Jackson

Emelia has been a serious bolter this series opening the betting at $11 and has now found herself to be the equal favourite with Laura at time of publish.

The Queen of Desserts has had some big wins in the MasterChef kitchen so far this series and her recent efforts with some of the Mystery Box challenges has seen her rise to prominence this series.

Has she gone too early from the gates? 

The remaining few weeks of the series will tell.  

Laura Sharrad

She has a reputation for having a Pasta-Only strategy and copped it on social media for not checking in on Sarah during Tuesday’s black box challenge but Laura is living up to the title of this series – Back to Win.

Some have even gone as far labelling Laura “arrogant” but if we’ve learnt anything from The Last Dance (yes, we’re linking MasterChef to Jordan and the Chicago Bulls), a little bit of swagger goes a long way.

At the start of the series, Laura was an equal favourite with Poh at $3.50 to win, she’s now level with Emelia at $1.95.

Given that Laura did work for judge Jock Zonfrillo’s restaurant in a previous life some think she might be a Teacher’s Pet but her confidence and persistence won’t stop her in this contest.

Some may liken Laura winning MasterChef to the U15s coach of the Netball team giving the best and fairest to their Daughter, but she’ll let her food do the talking. 

Reynold Poenomo

If Laura is the teacher’s pet than Reynold is the whipping boy.

There have been many observations on social media about how the judges treat Reynold including:

The Judges may be harsh on Reynold but it may have worked at stages with him being at Winx-like odds as short as $1.20 last week before the money started to come in for Emelia and Laura.

Reynold should go deep into this series and is still in with a fighting chance at the $3.75 price. 

Callum Hann

Season 2 runner-up Callum has been a quiet-achiever this series and rumours are strong he will make it to the final six.

Opening the betting at $4.50 Callum has drifted to $11 making him a long-shot.

It’s not necessarily the cooking that’s costing him, more the dominance of other personalities compared to the happy go lucky family man he’s become. 

He’ll have to step up his game in the coming weeks if the rumours are true.

Poh Ling Yeow

Write off Poh at your own Peril.

She was the $3.50 favourite and has now drifted way out to $15 in our market.

This could possibly be the best value bet of our MasterChef market.

Poh started this series strong and many were criticising the show for being “The Poh Show

She knows this game better than anyone having been a runner up, mentor and was probably asked to become a judge when Matt, Gary and George left at the end of last year.

Poh knows that you don’t take out the MasterChef hat in the middle of the series, she’s saving her best work for the business end of the series.

Either take the risk and back her at the $15 or back our $2.75 special for her to finish in the final 3. 


13 contestants still remain in the MasterChef kitchen and if some rumours are to be true some might be at some pretty juicy odds to go all the way.

Tessa ($19) and Khanh ($21) are within striking distance of taking over Poh in our market if they can get their act together in the kitchen.

She got the cold shoulder from Laura and Sarah ($26) seems to also be getting ignored by our bookies at the current price.

Reece ($31) will have to get his act together if he wants to grab the attention of MasterChef punters as do fan-favourites Brendon ($41) and Simon ($41) 

If you have any sentiment for the likes of Jess ($51) and Tracy ($81) you will be hoping they can conjure up some sort of miracle if they are going to cause a major upset towards the business end of this series.