The best sport on TV

Nedflix and Chill: The Best Sport on TV This Weekend Friday 17/4 – Sunday 18/4


NRL – The Greatest: State of Origin Moments
Channel 9 NSW/QLD 7:30 pm / 9 NOW

You’ve probably seen everything that Channel 9 is going to show in this 90-minute special a thousand times before, but that’s no excuse.

Given the current restrictions placed on travel, we’ll give Nine the benefit of the doubt here with their New South Wales centric panel of Joey Johns, Freddy Fittler and Gus Gould along with host James Bracey.

Had there been a studio audience and the show filmed in Queensland, they’d be a Lang Park 1988-esque throwing of beer cans at the panel, but that’s not the case.

Perhaps Nine will go to the effort of speaking to Wally Lewis or JT via Skype, but that remains unlikely.

State loyalties aside, a solid 90 minutes reflecting on classic Origin moments is as good a television event in my books.

AFL – FOX Footy Recall: Sydney v St Kilda Round 7 1994
FOX Footy/Kayo 7 pm

FOX Footy continues their re-calls of classic matches from years gone by and this Friday night, they’ve picked out the infamous match between the Swans v Tony Lockett featuring St.Kilda from Round 7, 1994.

Enjoy this modern adaptation of the game that saw Sydney’s Peter Caven having the nerve to get near Tony Lockett’s elbow, Plugger kick 11 goals including one where he nearly hit old Kenny from behind the SCG goals in the face and the Saints come back from 41 points down with nine minutes remaining.

This game brought out the very best and worst in the legend that is Tony Lockett.

I highly doubt though, in the modern call, the commentators will just think Plugger managed to simply make an honest mistake when he knocked out Peter Caven, which is what Peter McKenna said in the 1994 channel 7 broadcast.

In a somewhat ironic turn of fate, Plugger would find himself as the Sydney Swans star recruit the following season.


HORSE RACING – Randwick and Caulfield
Channel 7 11:30 am

What else would you be doing this Saturday than sitting back at home, putting on a few bets via the Neds app and watching the races?


Channel 7 broadcasts the last day of the Autumn Carnival headlined by the All-Ages stakes at Randwick and the $1 million showdown as part of Neds Caulfield Raceday.

Racing is the only sport in town and it’s the best sport in town.

Bring it on!

30 for 30: The Good, The Bad, The Hungry
ESPN 508 / Kayo 7:30 pm

If you’ve got an appetite for a sports documentary than surely this is the pinnacle.

The ESPN 30 for 30 series is as ironic as the events themselves and this one covers the great rivalry between Takeru Kobayashi of Japan who won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest six times in a row until the local American idol, Joey Chestnut dethroned the Japanese icon back in 2007 and a legend was born.

These are their stories.

Note: ESPN is also showing the full replay of their 2007 contest at 6 pm as an entree.


MasterChef Australia
Channel 10 7:30 pm

A highly competitive contest with some of the best-skilled people in their field performing under immense pressure with a wide-ranging betting market.

That sounds as good a sport to me in this current climate.

Every contestant is up for elimination (with the exception of Dani who has won the only immunity pin so far).

The pressure will be on to cook up a storm and emotions will run at an all-time high.

Our bookies are hoping Poh hangs up her apron early, but that remains highly unlikely.