The best sport on TV

Nedflix and Chill: The best sport on TV W/C 30-3

With sport around the world on hold for obvious reasons, our Sports channels have been pumping out some classic games, shows and new content to make sure we still get our fix.

From award-winning 30 for 30 documentaries to recalls of classic matches, there’s plenty of sport on TV to give you that much needed sugar hit this week and we’ve picked out our best recommendations for our Daily Nedflix and Chill.

MONDAY 30/3 

OJ: Made In America Parts 3 &4 - 7pm ESPN2 & Kayo

The Academy Award-winning ESPN 30 for 30 documentary series that captures the rise and fall of OJ Simpson is a must-watch for any sports fan.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch it, now is a better time than ever to get the story behind one of the world’s most infamous sportspeople turned murder suspect.

The documentaries are long but the stories are gripping and it does a brilliant job in capturing the mood in LA, America, Celebrity and Society in general. 

Along with OJ: Made In America, we’d also recommend viewing June 17, 1994, arguably one of the best 30 for 30 documentaries of all-time.


FOX Sports are currently dedicating their 507 channel to celebrate some of the best wins in Aussie sports history. 

There’s plenty to choose from but one that stands out for mine is the 2003 Cricket World Cup Final. 

Hard to believe it was 17 years ago when Ricky Ponting stopped a resurgent India in what was arguably the finest batting display ever produced in the Cricket World Cup.

A nice, tidy one hour package of Australia taking the honours in South Africa for your viewing pleasure.

You can’t ever get sick of watching this and it’s worth flicking over to 507 for. 



This documentary produced by the mighty Brisbane Lions (proudly sponsored by Neds) tells the behind the scenes story of how the Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy Lions merged to become the Brisbane Lions back in 1996.

While the current economic perspective of Football Clubs have some suggesting mergers may be an option in the future, the Merge gives the perspective from Bears and Fitzroy people involved in the one and only merger in the Australian Football League to date.

One thing to look out for was that Fitzroy almost merged with North Melbourne until the other clubs blocked it fearing a super team.

The Brisbane Lions went on to win a threepeat of flags from 2001-03 within the first 10 years of the merged club.

GREAT AUSSIE WINS: 1986 Kangaroo Tour Game 2 - 7pm - FOX SPORTS 507

FOX Sports continues the Great Aussie Victories on their 507 channel and the 1986 Kangaroos tour is always a beauty when it comes to watching the Aussies give the poms a belting.

See the likes of two tries from Gary Jack, Wally Lewis and Brett Kenny also joining the party.

See England only score their one and only try with Australia leading 34-0 in the dying minutes of the game.

Turn up the volume to hear the English fans chant “WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH”

The game is best summed up by legendary Rugby League commentator, Rex Mossop “Australia carved them up. They’ve decimated, dissected and absolutely diabolically destroyed this Great Britain side today”.

Five-Star viewing for all lovers of Australian sporting teams thrashing England in any sport.


30 for 30: Survive And Advance - ESPN 5:30pm

One for Hoops fans as ESPN keeps pumping out the 30 for 30 classics over the enforced Sporting Break.

This one, “Survive and Advance” looks at the amazing story of coach Jim Valvano and North Carolina’s run to the 1983 NCAA title.

The team dubbed the “Wolfpack” struggled during the 1983 season and many didn’t even rate them a chance for the NCAA tournament until they go on a winning streak winning the ACC tournament and then the national championship as 6th seed.

Survive and Advance features the players recapping the season and their takes on the coaching methods from the late Jim Valvano 

One of the all-time great sports stories perfectly recaptured by the 30 for 30 series.


FOX Sports 507 keep on delivering the Great Aussie Wins at the moment and for Australian tennis lovers, there’s no better than Lleyton Hewitt beating David Nalbandian in the Men’s Singles final 6-1, 6-3, 6-2.

It would be Lleyton’s second grand slam title after his heroics at the US Open in 2001 and he became the most recent Australian to win at the All-England Club since Pat Cash in 1987.

This is peak Hewitt full of COME ON, aggression and the never say die attitude he became famous for.

Always one to look back on fondly. 



Had normal programming been in place, tonight would have seen famous old rivals Carlton v Essendon battle it out at the MCG.

However, we know that not to be the case but the good folk at FOX Footy have come up with a fun idea to provide classic re-calls of matches with their modern-day commentary team. 

Last Thursday and Friday nights recall of Round 2 Collingwood v Richmond 2016 & The Swans v Dons 1996 Preliminary Final made for great viewing and provided a decent, fresh and fun footy fix that’s more than just a replay.

FOX Footy have formatted it in a way where they don’t tell you what game between the two clubs participating they will replay. 

With the match being Carlton v Essendon, the 1999 Preliminary Final would be the hot favourite but given that FOX showed the ’96 Prelim with Plugger’s point after the siren last Friday night, I feel that FOX Footy might give Essendon fans a little something and do a recall of the 1993 Grand Final instead.

It’s as good as Thursday Night Footy can be in the meantime and full credit to them for giving us our footy fix in this fun and unique way. 


Unless you’ve got a very early start, 8 pm is hardly the time to be considered “Late” but we’ll give Matty Johns and his crew a break given the circumstances.

Everyone needs a laugh and a bit of footy talk to get away from the doom and gloom at the moment and FOX League soldering on with shows like the Matty Johns Late Show is to be commended.

The Late Show with Matty Johns has always been a good watch, even for those who aren’t avid followers of Rugby League and you can’t (or can) go wrong with the Adventures of Fletch and Hindy.

Worth a watch.