Daily TV Ratings Tips – Wednesday, March 25th

Channel 7 News @ $1.20

In last night’s OZTam ratings the top four 5 city metro programs were (in respective order) – Seven News, Seven News at 6:30, Nine News and Nine News at 6:30.

With more people tuning in to the news at present, the ratings are fairly even between the two rivals and both Networks are doing a fine job at keeping the public informed in the current climate.

In cities on the Eastern Seaboard (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) viewers tend to prefer Nine News, however,  in Adelaide and Perth but the Seven 6 pm bulletins dominate and smash channel 9.

An example is Perth were Seven News attracted 200,000 viewers compared to Nine’s 94,000, whereas in Sydney seven got 317,000 and Nine 361,000 – it’s a bigger population but the news race is far more competitive. 

Adelaide and Perth is winning the news ratings for Seven and I expect that to continue tonight. 


Over @ $1.77

The juggernaut that is Married At First Sight rated a whopping 1,075,000 last night easily beating rival shows Survivor All-Stars (779,000) and My Kitchen Rules (575,000) 

Tonight marks the final dinner party on MAFS and given how feral and intense this season has been, viewers will be tuning into their droves hoping someone does a Martha a pours Wine on someone or that Michael gets his kumuppins.

Expect a fight on this episode that will give some of the scenes in the toilet paper aisle at Woolies a run for its money. 

The bookies have set the Over/Under at 1,085,000

This episode should easily peak over the 1.1 million mark given that the final dinner party last year was one of the highest (non-sport) rating shows of 2019 and will be again this year.