Daily TV Ratings Tips – Tuesday, March 24th

Nine Network @ $1.40

There are four words as to why Channel 9 will win the night:

Married At First Sight

While the “experiment” has done damage to the participants and the methods on the show are quite questionable there’s one thing MAFS does deliver – ratings and plenty of them.

With the show getting into its final week and the couples going on their final dates viewers are tuning into in their droves. 

The 7:30 timeslot the show airs on is crucial to winning prime-time viewing and as a result, Nine will win the night with the special news bulletin following the show will deliver them the night.

best bet
7 News v 9 News
Channel 9 News @ $3.50

As tipped in this mornings edition of Available World Of Sports – we’re backing Channel 9 to win the News ratings war tonight.

They say nobody knows news like Seven but Channel 9 news is the who’s who of news.

The 6 pm news ratings battle between Seven and Nine have been one of the fiercest and most competitive since Bruce Gyngell said “Good evening, and welcome to television.”

In the current climate, News is becoming more important than ever right now and millions of Australian’s are tuning into Seven and Nine news every night to remain informed.

This is a fascinating market to look into, cities like Perth love Channel 7 news with anchors Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr considered WA’s Mum and Dad with a partnership of 35+ years on TV whereas punters in Melbourne tend to opt for Channel 9 news with Peter Hitchener.

Seven are favourite to win the News head-to-head nationally but with the juggernaut that is Married At First Sight it’s worth taking the dots at the $3.50 to win the news night.

We hope Peter Overton in Sydney can bring it home for us. 

No Bet

It’s the 7:30 pm slot that will win the night for most networks and in this threeway race between Married at First Sight, Australian Survivor All Stars and My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals there’s only one show that will win – MAFS.

Married At First Sight is at $1.03 to win. 

Last night, MAFS rated 1.124 million with Survivor 736,000 and My Kitchen Rules a lowly 508,000 and sitting in 20th spot in the ratings.

Survivor is $11 and MKR is $67 in a three-horse race. 

There is no contest – MAFS has this in the bag.