Daily TV Ratings Tips: Thursday, March 26th

7 News v 9 News
Channel 7 News @ $1.15

It was another close night in the TV News ratings battle with Seven News coming out on top with 1,277,000 compared to Nine’s 1,260,000.

Again, it’s the viewers in Adelaide and Perth that tend to prefer watching Channel Seven’s news by a significant margin that tends to get them home in the ratings at the moment.

Nine could gain ground over them provided they take viewers away from the Eastern seaboard but somehow, Seven’s loyal viewership in SA and WA are a formidable force to win the 6 pm news ratings. 

Over 525,000 @ $1.90

The bookies have set the over/under at 525,000 for tonight’s episode of Millionaire Hot Seat.

Last night, Eddie at the team rated a solid 638,000 nationally but lost to their gameshow rival The Chase Australia over on Channel 7 which ended up with a total of 658,000.

Game Shows, as they always have been, are a nice escape from the doom and gloom and more viewers are tuning in each day.

With more people at home during the day, tonight’s episode of Hot Seat should easily cover the 520,00 mark.

As Eddie would say, Lock it in. 


OVER 600,000 @ $1.87

Tonight, the bookies have turned their attention on Gogglebox and have set the over/under to 600,000.

Everyone loves Gogglebox and in these troubled times, there’s no doubting that people want Keith and Lee’s hot take on the current state of affairs and I will be interested to see just how The Dalton Family will be practising social distancing on the couch.

There’s no doubting that Anastasia and Faye will also put things in perspective in tonight’s episode.

With no footy or MAFS to compete with, expect many to tune into Gogglebox tonight.

The Channel 10 viewer numbers should easily surpass the over 600,000 tonight as a show like Gogglebox is the kind of one we need on our TV’s right now.