When Father & Son Share the Stage

A nine-year-old pacer, coming off a seven-year hiatus, competed against his son in a race on Wednesday at Ballarat.

Ernie Eldorado went to stud having not won a race although, upon his return to the track, he ran a credible third at a huge $26 a place.

His son, aptly named Ernieson, finished well down the track on his racing debut in the same race.

This got us thinking about other times fathers and sons have competed in the sporting arena.

Here is a list of the most interesting stories of when dad and son shared the sporting stage together.

Glyn (dad) and Chad (son) Schofield – Horse Racing

Both Glyn and Chad have raced against each other on many occasions and they set a record by competing against each other in the 2014 Melbourne Cup.

Chad rode Mr O’Ceirin and Glyn rode Au Revoir. They finished 21st and 8th respectively.

On one day in March of that same year, they both won Group 1 races within 20 minutes of each other. Chad rode Lanken Rupee to victory in the Newmarket Handicap at Flemington and dad Glyn saluted on Boban in the Chipping Norton Stakes at Warwick Farm.

Ken Griffey Sr. (dad) and Ken Griffey Jr. (son) – Baseball

This father and son duo did not compete against each other, however, they were on the same team during their playing days!

Ken Griffey Sr was 41 and nearing the end of his career when he played with his son, who was just twenty years old, with the Seattle Mariners during the 1990 and 1991 season.

Twenty-six years later, junior was inducted into the Hall of Fame after a 22-year career of his own.

Incredibly, in one game, they hit back to back home runs.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul (dad) and Tagernarine Chanderpaul (son) – Cricket

Champion West Indian opening batsmen Shivnarine Chanderpaul put on a double century stand with his son in a club match back in 2015.

They totalled 256 runs together in a 40 over match with dad scoring 143 and won scoring 112.

They also became the first father and son combo to both score 50s in the same first-class innings in 2017.

Tagernarine is still playing and has a first-class batting average of 28.92.

Rivaldo (dad) and Rivaldinho (son) – Football

Former Brazil international and Barcelona star Rivaldo came out of retirement in 2015 to help his 18-year-old son’s team that was struggling at the start of the season.

Rivaldo was 43 years old at the time and was actually the club’s president. Within the first three minutes of the match, he passed the ball to his son who scored before tacking on one of his own in the 17th minute.

Harry Duiven Jnr (son) vs Harry Duiven Snr (dad) – Boxing

We’ve seen the Klitschko and Fury brothers competing in boxing at the same time (never against each other) but this father vs son battle takes the cake!

Dutchman Harry Duiven was originally scheduled to fight another opponent that evening, however, when he was a no-show, his father didn’t want to waste the journey so he jumped into the ring with his son.

Dad was 39 at the time, weighing in at 304 pounds (137kgs) and he was knocked out by his son (19) three days before Christmas.

Dino Meneghin (dad) and Andrea Meneghin (son) – Basketball             

All-time great Italian basketballer Dino Meneghin played long enough that he actually played against his son in the Italian league during the 1993-94 season who was 19 at the time.

Dino played for an incredible 28 seasons and played his last game at the age of 44 after 836 games.

Vince McMahon (dad) vs Shane McMahon (son) – Wrestling

Headlined by The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Wrestlemania 17 also captured one of the all-time great battles between father and son when Vince McMahon and his son Shane battled it out. You can relive all the drama and nostalgia here.

Luke Skywalker (son) vs Anakin Skywalker (dad) – Fencing

In one of the biggest grudge matches that the galaxy far far away has ever seen, Luke Skywalker attempts to avenge his friend and teacher Obi-Wan Kenobi’s death (plus Dad cutting off his hand in their first face to face meeting) and is involved in an epic duel with his father, Darth Vader (fka Anakin).