Wednesday, December 4

 The Long Build Up

It’s a bit of a dead patch for news at the moment, so the biggest story to come out yesterday was that Suliasi Vunivalu is crossing codes from the Melbourne Storm to the Queensland Reds… at the end of next season.

Look, it’s a pretty damn good pickup for the Reds, albeit an expensive one, but it does beg the question of whether players should be signing contracts so far in advance.

It’s one thing for a player to want to lock up their future as quickly as possible, but how would you go working a job that you know you’re leaving come November?
There’s also a risk from the Reds perspective, he may get injured playing for the Storm, he may lose his touch or he might just decide that what he wanted when he signed the deal doesn’t line up with what he wants now.

If he can carry his Melbourne Storm form over to the 15 man code, then it’ll be a great signing for the Reds, adding a gamebreaker to a backline that desperately needs some flair on the outside, but why do we have to wait for a whole season to see it?



Neds in-house Dishlicker Delictessian has picked a few tasty treats for this afternoons Greyhound meet at Bendigo.

Hopefully a nice little mid-week fill-up in on the cards.