Tuesday, December 10


There’s no doubting that the state of the MCG pitch is one of the most contentious issues in Cricket.

Of recent years, it’s been a road allowing batsmen to score a ridiculous run total, drawn Tests and Shield games and boring Cricket fans on what is meant to be the most exciting Test of the year – Boxing Day.

Then the MCG tries to give the pitch a bit of character and it becomes too bouncy and dangerous for anything to happen to result in the Shield game between Victoria and WA to be called off.

Australian Cricket and its venues are in a weird situation where its least popular venue – the Gabba has the best pitch whereas the most iconic stadium, the MCG has the best spectator facilities but the worst pitch.

If only there was a stadium that could have both awesome spectator facilities and a great pitch?

Perth and Adelaide talk up a big game trying to snatch the Boxing Day Test of the MCG but we all know it’s not going to happen.

These are cities that either refuses to partake in Daylight Savings or where the tap water is undrinkable.

It’s clear that the long-running custody battle of the MCG between Cricket and Football is very much in favour of the later.

The MCG is a Cricket ground in name only and has custody of Cricket for a little bit in the summer.

Having a drop-in pitch is proof of that.

The ground staff need to show Cricket a bit more love and work to find a pitch that’s not too heavy and not too light – Just Right.

With the Australia-New Zealand series set to be a ripper – we need to have faith in the MCG staff to deliver something pitch-perfect this Boxing Day.


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