Friday, December 13

Enough with the Change for Change's Sake

As sports leagues all around the world seek to modernise and keep up with the times, we see some bizarre proposals brought up.

At some point though, it would be nice if these administrators just had some trust in their product even if it occasionally produces strange outcomes.

Every few seasons the NFL playoff system gets targeted by the Helen Lovejoy brigade, wondering what will people learn about “fairness” under this setup which which is apparently the most broken thing in the world at that moment.

Because of the plan to stick with the tradition of rewarding division winners with a top four seed in the six team conference playoffs, we sometimes wind up with a really good team having to travel as the 5th or 6th ranked side.

Sure sometimes it means a team that went 12-4 has to travel to face a 9-7 side that only got in because their division kind of sucks but there’s swings & roundabouts in pretty much every competition.

At some point though, you run the risk of overreacting to something that only comes up every few seasons and making a change to something that, big picture, isn’t that big of a deal.

Full disclosure, I’m a 20-year NFL & New England Patriots fan (I wanted Bledsoe starting over Brady in Super Bowl 36… whoops), so I can’t pretend that I have experienced regular tense finishes in the AFC East, although this year at least looks like it will go down to the wire.

But when the time comes where a good Pats team gets beaten to the finish line by the Bills/Jets/Dolphins and has to go on the road for a Wild Card game, I’m going to be fine with it.

Making changes just to appease some Twitter outrages is not something that’s exclusive to the NFL by any means but it is something that really needs to stop.

How can you not be excited about the possibility of backing against the 7-9 Cowboys or Eagles in the first round of the playoffs when one of the 49ers or Seahawks comes to town.

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