Alexander Volkanovski

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander ‘The Great’ Volkanovski became the first Australian born UFC Champion when he won the Featherweight title at UFC 245 in Las Vegas.

He defeated Max Holloway via a unanimous decision in a dominant display of pressure and cardio.

It was been a quick ascent to the belt for Volkanovski who won the Featherweight title in just his eighth fight inside the UFC promotion.

Here’s Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Alexander Volkanovski.

1. He Broke The All-Time UFC Record For Leg Kicks 

It was an all round perfect performance by Volkanovski to snatch the Featherweight belt off one of the greatest of all time in Max Holloway but it was his leg kicks that did the most damage.

He executed his game plan perfectly and used his leg kicks throughout the fight, especially early on, to keep Max at a distance and score valuable points.

He landed an incredible 75 Significant Leg Strikes on Max Holloway. 75!

2. He Used To Weigh 97kg (214 pounds)

Okay this one has been mentioned a few times however it really is a great yarn.

Standing at just 168cm (five foot six inches), he was a stocky and chubby guy before he tried his luck at Mixed Martial Arts!

3. His First Fight Was at Middleweight

Volkanovski had his first pro fight at Middleweight as he continued to shred the weight.

He then cut down to Welterweight for his next three fights, the last of which he suffered his one and only loss to date.

He made the decision that he would then fight at Featherweight from then on in.

4. He Used To Play (Semi) Professional Rugby League

He didn’t play in the National Rugby League (the highest league in Australia) however he was a paid professional playing A-Grade in the Illawarra region in New South Wales.

Being a short, chubby guy he played in the front row and loved taking 3-4 hit ups each set.

He made Southern Division and Group 7 rep sides and playing for the Warilla Gorillas, he won the Grand Final and was awarded the Mick Cronin Medal for best player in the comp.

5. He’s A Family Man & Was A Concreter

He has a beautiful family with his wife Emma and two young daughters, Ariana and Airlie being his biggest supporters back home.

During his early twenties, playing rugby league on weekends, he was a concreter for a crust.

Not a bad foundation for a Mixed Martial Artist.

6. His First Four Fights Didn’t Last Long

His first fight was six seconds long.

His second was 30 seconds.

His third was 30 seconds.

His fourth was two minutes.

7. He’s Spent Time In Thailand Learning Muay Thai

He credits a lot of his striking ability to his time spent with Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand.

He won a scholarship to the leading Muay Thai gym in Phuket through social media.

He was short on cash at the time however ex NRL footballers Matt Cooper and Beau Ryan (to name a few) helped raise funds to get him over to Thailand.

I’m sure they are reaping the benefits now demanding a few free tickets to UFC events!

8. He Changed His Nickname

Alexander ‘The Hulk’ Volkanovski?

This suited him more when he was 97kg so he decided to change it when he went down to Featherweight.

His dad is Macedonian and his mum is Greek so Alexander ‘The Great’ sounded better to him.

9. He Won A National Wrestling Title At 12

Volkanovski started training in Greco-Roman wrestling at an early age and he won a national title at teh age of 12.

He gave up wrestling at the age of 14 because he didn’t like the look of the uniform he’d have to wear.

*Not an actual photo of Volkanovski

10. He Lost Some Respect For Max Holloway After The First Fight

Max Holloway refused to accept that he lost the first fight with Alexander Volkanovski.

He claimed the leg kicks he took did no damage and that he was the clear winner.