Monday, November 4

Baddest MF in the game? The Doctor.

The hype around the latest division in the UFC couldn’t have been greater heading into the main event yesterday at Madison Square Garden.

The POTUS was in attendance.

The Rock was present to put the belt on the winner. Even Nick Diaz made a rare appearance to support his brother.

Jorge Masvidal was on top through the first three rounds however if we know one thing it’s that Nate Diaz is a cardio master and he comes into his own during the later rounds.

A cut above his right eye had opened up from a Jorge Masvidal kick in the first round and as the fighters heading to their corners after the third-round bell. In stepped the dreaded doctor.

If you thought the boos were loud earlier when Donald Trump entered the arena, you were in for a rude shock when the doctor waved the fight off giving Masvidal a TKO victory.

To have the first Baddest MF title decided by a doctor is not only extremely disappointed for everyone watching, but it’s also a disgrace.

I realise that Diaz’s eyelid was one or two shots from being ripped from his eye but this is the Baddest MF in the game belt! The division that can not even be spoken by commentators, announcers and anyone that is being filmed on television!

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Rematch this fight immediately as soon as Diaz he has his eyelid reattached. In the streets. No ref. No doctor.

We're saying yep to the cup

Not sure if you’re aware but there’s a meeting at Flemington tomorrow that’s kind of a big deal.

The in-house profit prophet has done his study and is ready to pass on his wisdom on the Melbourne Cup for your betting benefit.

That is, of course, you want to try to build the bank at Ballarat today… 

go and get facts.

Louis Fenton wins TV post-match interview of the year.