KSI V Logan Paul 2 Tips

The rematch that everyone has been waiting for is happening in Los Angeles at the Staples Centre this Sunday at 2PM (AEDT) between internet sensations KSI and Logan Paul.

The first fight ended in controversy with a majority draw decision back in August 2018 in Manchester, England.

This second fight will happen with 10oz gloves and no head gear! What will happen to their pretty faces? Has anyone thought of this?

Let’s get one thing straight. These guys aren’t boxers. They are personalities. And I use that term very loosely.

Is the fight a farce? Is it a joke? Are the fighters in on it? Who cares. It’s entertaining and we can bet on it! 

Method Of Victory Betting
Logan Paul By Decision @ $6.00

Neither fighter could punch themselves out of a wet, brown paper bag. 

They both look like they are throwing punches under water.

Logan Paul looks ever so slightly more technical to my trained eye than KSI does and therefore he is getting the nod from me.

Both throw punches with little to no intent or power behind them instead they lean back on their hay makers and connect with more of a slap than a punch. 

The fight is only six rounds and despite the use of smaller gloves, I see neither throwing a punch that could knock out a small boy out let along a grown man.


Fight To Go The Distance
YES @ $2.40

This is a very difficult fight to try and predict who will land more slaps in the six x 3 minute rounds but I think there is plenty of value in this market.

There is plenty of hype around the fight with the two outwardly showing their hatred for each other. 

I can see straight through it all. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that they are rich, white collar boys with the softest of hands. I have no doubt both ‘men’ moisturize (although it is important to keep your skin smooth) and the biggest hiding they have ever copped was via the keyboard over the internets.

I will guarantee that their number one priority is the keep their pretty, boy like features intact in order to drain teenage boys of their mum’s hard earned pocket for many years to come. A feat that is hard to achieve with a nose that is permanently indented after receiving a proper punch.

This fight is going the distance and there will be little to no blood spilt. Much to the dismay of myself and I’m sure plenty of others.  

Gone In 60 Seconds (KO Within 60 Seconds)
KSI @ $41.00

Pretty much for the lols.